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Zhang Mengxing Meets with Ranil Shriyan Wickremasinghe, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka
CopyFrom: Date:10 September 2018
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  On September 4, Zhang Mengxing, Deputy Party Secretary and President of MCC Group, and others met with Ranil Shriyan Wickremasinghe, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. They engaged in in-depth exchange on the development of MCC Group in Sri Lanka and issues of common concern.

  Zhang Mengxing expressed thanks to Prime Minister Ranil for the country’s long-standing trust in and support to MCC Group, and introduced the profile of MCC Group and the progress of its projects under construction in Sri Lanka. Zhang Mengxing said that MCC Group is a national leader of metallurgical construction, a backbone of fundamental construction, and a pioneer of emerging industries, and that the Group undertakes more than 90% of domestic steel construction task and more than 60% of global steel construction task, and that the Group has made remarkable achievements in urban comprehensive development, municipal traffic infrastructure, underground utility tunnel, theme park, and other emerging industries. In recent years, MCC Group has paid high attention to Sri Lanka market, and established a branch office in Sri Lanka. It has successfully delivered the Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport Expressway project, billed as “No. 1 Road of State Gate” and “China-Sri Lanka Friendship Road”, and won the high recognition of Sri Lanka government and people. Phase III of Sri Lanka Outer Ring Expressway, which is under construction, is expected to operate at the end of June, 2019 as scheduled. MCC Group has paid special attention to Central Expressway project, the largest EPC project signed in the history of Sri Lanka. The Group will make good construction preparations and increase resource investment, and also expects support from Sri Lanka government in design approval and land requisition and demolishing. Zhang Mengxing stressed that currently the Sri Lanka branch is pushing for several large infrastructure and investment projects, among which some livelihood-related projects have entered pre-feasibility study stage or feasibility study stage. He hoped Prime Minister offer strong support, establish relevant project coordination committee and accelerate government approval procedure.

  Prime Minister Ranil expressed thanks to Zhang Mengxing and his delegation, and praised and recognized the achievements of MCC Group in infrastructure. On the scene, Prime Minister Ranil ordered relevant government departments to resolve land requisition and design approval issues, and said that he was very interested in the Group’s projects under construction and on preliminary stage in Sri Lanka, and hoped MCC Group take roots in Sri Lanka and contribute more to local social and economic development.

  During their stay in Sri Lanka, Zhang Mengxing and his delegation also met Paksalingame, an adviser to the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Minister of the Interior Abeywardena, and Prabal, Chairman of the agency company. They engaged in detailed communication on the progress of Outer Ring Expressway project, construction preparation of Central Expressway project, and the preliminary work of multiple new projects, and reached a consensus.

  Other relevant leaders of MCC Group and its subsidiaries that participated in the activities included: Fan Jintian, Zhu Yonggui, Xu Yongjie, Wang Zhou, Zhang Gangyu, and others.


  Zhang Mengxing talking with Prime Minister Ranil


  Zhang Mengxing and his delegation taking group photo with Prime Minister Ranil


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