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Zhang Mengxing Meets with Cheng Xueyuan, Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Inspecting Projects in Sri Lanka, and Visiting Workers at the Production Line of Project Departments
CopyFrom: Date:10 September 2018
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  On September 5, Zhang Mengxing, Deputy Party Secretary and President of MCC Group, and others visited Cheng Xueyuan, Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka. Zhang Mengxing expressed thanks to the embassy and its Economic and Commercial Counsellor's Office for their guidance and support to MCC Group, and reported to Cheng Xueyuan their meeting with government officials of Sri Lanka. Zhang Mengxing introduced the basic situations of MCC Group, and said that MCC Group is the largest and strongest metallurgical construction contractor and operating service provider for metallurgic enterprises in the world, and that the Group undertakes the prospecting, design, construction, and other tasks of more than 90% of domestic steel enterprises and more than 60% of global ones. In recent years, MCC Group has engaged in transformation and upgrade, and followed a development strategy of building itself into a national leader of metallurgical construction, a backbone of fundamental construction, and a pioneer of emerging industries, and has been committed to a road of hi-tech quality development. It has scored remarkable achievements in traffic, municipal infrastructure, high-end housing construction, large-size complex, featured theme projects, environmental engineering and other fields. MCC Group has paid high attention to Sri Lanka market. After the successful delivery of Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport Expressway project, billed as “No. 1 Road of State Gate” and “China-Sri Lanka Friendship Road”, the construction of Phase III of Sri Lanka Outer Ring Expressway is proceeding smoothly, and the expressway is expected to operate at the end of June, 2019 as scheduled. When it comes to Central Expressway project, the largest EPC project signed in the history of Sri Lanka, MCC Group will increase resource investment and also expects support from the embassy in financing approval. Zhang Mengxing also reported to Cheng Xueyuan the progress of MCC Group in market development in Sri Lanka.

  Cheng Xueyuan fully recognized the achievements of MCC Group at home and in Sri Lanka, and pointed out that Colombo Airport Expressway project has enhanced the overseas image of Chinese enterprises, and the credit should go to MCC Group. The first section project of Central Expressway enjoys strong public support and has reaped high attention from the governments and peoples of China and Sri Lanka. He hoped that MCC Group ensure construction quality and safety, safeguard corporate image, do a good work in publicity, and continue to tell the “Chinese Story” well.

  Yang Zuoyuan, Counsellor of the Economic and Commercial Counsellor's Office of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Sri Lanka, was also present in the meeting.

  During his stay in Sri Lanka, Zhang Mengxing inspected the Sri Lanka branch of MCC Group, and project departments of Outer Ring Expressway and Central Expressway, and met workers there. In the Sri Lanka branch of MCC Group, Zhang Mengxing listened to a report on company profile, progress of projects under construction, project tracking, and development planning, and recognized the situations. He hoped that the Sri Lanka branch enhance marketing awareness in international market, use world-leading enterprises as benchmark, do a good work in “culture marketing” and “EQ marketing”, and function well in Sri Lanka market as a leading player and service provider, so as to make further progress.

  In Outer Ring Expressway project department, after listening to a report of the department, Zhang Mengxing pointed out that MCC Group has built a sound reputation after 10-plus years of strong commitment in Sri Lanka. He hoped that staff of the project department ensure progress of works, quality and personnel safety, and work to enhance the value of MCC brand.

  During his inspection on Central Expressway project department, Zhang Mengxing reviewed the signing history of the project, and praised highly the thriving business of MCC Group from Airport Expressway, Outer Ring Expressway, to Central Expressway project. He stressed that Central Expressway is the largest single volume overseas EPC contract in the history of MCC Group, and that with its great significance, the governments of China and Sri Lanka have both showed high attention. Zhang Mengxing laid high expectations on staff of the two project departments and proposed five points of requirement: first, working to conquer all obstacles, making forward-looking plan, and working to complete Outer Ring Expressway project and meet all objectives; second, making meticulous preparations and planning, and ensuring the working conditions of Central Expressway; third, doing a good job in management, control, and innovation management, and elevating the management of the branch and project departments; fourth, enhancing confidence and accelerating development, and strengthening sense of urgency, crisis and responsibility in Sri Lanka market, and working to become a leader among Chinese enterprises; fifth, doing a good work in Party building, ensuring strict organizational discipline and lively atmosphere, and launching colorful Party building theme activities.

  In the end, Zhang Mengxing listened to the speech of staff in Sri Lanka and conveyed sincere solicitude to workers there. He expressed thanks to all staff of the project departments for their love towards the country and enterprise. He hoped that project teams shoulder relevant responsibilities, and ensure operation safety, so as to create a sound working and living environment for all overseas staff.

  Other relevant leaders of MCC Group and its subsidiaries that participated in the activities included: Fan Jintian, Zhu Yonggui, Xu Yongjie, Wang Zhou, Zhang Gangyu, and others.


  Zhang Mengxing meeting with Ambassador Cheng Xueyuan


  Zhang Mengxing inspecting with Outer Ring Expressway project department


  Zhang Mengxing inspecting Central Expressway project department


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