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Guo Wenqing Surveys MCC Real Estate’s Qinhuangdao Project and Inspects Hebei Port Group
CopyFrom: Date:15 August 2018
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  From August 12th to 13th, Group Company General Manager & Party Group Deputy Secretary and MCC Group Chairman Guo Wenqing visited MCC Real Estate’s Qinhuangdao Company to carry out a survey and guide the work. He also inspected the Hebei Port Group and conducted friendly exchanges with Hebei Port Group Chairman and Party Committee Secretary Cao Ziyu and General Manager Liu Guanghai.

  On the 12th, Guo Wenqing carried out a field inspection of the Qinhuangdao MCC Dexian Mansion Project Exhibition Center which was developed and constructed by MCC Real Estate, visited such exhibition areas as the Future Science and Technology Museum, Health Room and so on, gained an elaborate understanding of the gratifying results that the project gained in its first opening on August 5th and listened to the relevant work reports of MCC Real Estate.

  Guo Wenqing pointed out that MCC Real Estate is the key enterprise of the China Minmetals Corporation and the core enterprise in MCC Group’s real estate sector, and it has enjoyed positive development results in recent years. In particular, in the context of the macro-economic situation gradually increasing in complexity and intensifying competition in the real estate industry, MCC Real Estate has continuously secured remarkable business performance, improved its brand influence and made important contributions to improving the quality and efficiency of MCC Group. Guo Wenqing stressed that MCC Real Estate should focus on the orientation of real estate development in the new era and constantly lead the enterprise on a new journey of stable high-quality development. First, thorough research into the macro-economic and real estate industry situation should be carried out so as to lead the enterprise to realize new development with a new philosophy. Second, innovation should be adhered to, corporate comprehensive management ability constantly enhanced and corporate core competitiveness continuously strengthened. Third, MCC Real Estate should fulfill the duty of a state-owned enterprise to satisfy the people’s requirements for a better life and promote the long-term, healthy and stable development of the real estate market. Fourth, the enterprise spirit of “Never Delaying and Never Slacking” should always be kept in mind and constantly exercised in order to ensure the excellent completion of the various works and tasks.

  On the 13th, Guo Wenqing visited Hebei Port Group Co., Ltd. to conduct an inspection. Accompanied by Hebei Port Group Chairman & Party Committee Secretary Cao Ziyu and General Manager Liu Guanghai, Guo Wenqing and his delegation visited the South Grand Warehouse Port Construction 120th Anniversary Exhibition, Future Planning Exhibition, Haishi Garden Yard and Hebei Digital Port Science and Technology Co., Ltd., and watched the entry “Between Mountains and Seas, and Beyond the Future” for the “Hebei Port Cup” First Hebei International Urban Planning and Design Master Invitational Tournament. During the tour, both parties carried out in-depth communication and friendly exchanges on further enhancing their cooperation.


  Guo Wenqing surveys MCC Real Estate’s Qinhuangdao Project


  Guo Wenqing surveys MCC Real Estate’s Qinhuangdao Project


  Guo Wenqing inspects the Hebei Port Group


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