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Guo Wenqing Meets Hebei Provincial Standing Committee Member and Tangshan Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wang Hao
CopyFrom: Date:15 August 2018
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  On August 13th, Group Company General Manager & Party Group Deputy Secretary and MCC Group Chairman Guo Wenqing met Hebei Provincial Standing Committee Member and Tangshan Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wang Hao. Both sides carried out an in-depth discussion and reached a consensus on promoting the progress of projects including the Caofeidian Ore Trading and Blending Center Project, New Energy Materials Project, etc., intensifying their cooperation on mineral resources, metallurgical construction, international trade and logistics, strategic emerging industries, new building materials, high-end real estate development, finance and so on, and finding adequate solutions to MCC’s historical problems in Tangshan.

  Guo Wenqing first thanked the Tangshan Municipal Party Committee and Government for the strong support they have long given the China Minmetals Corporation and MCC Group. He then introduced the basic situations of the two Fortune Global 500 companies China Minmetals and MCC Group following their strategic reorganization, pointing out that with the orientation goal of “walking for three steps, two doubling”, the new China Minmetals is seeking progress while maintaining stability, and striving for perfection while achieving progress, having realized steady growth in its business scale and set new historical records for economic benefits. With managed assets of RMB 1.68 trillion and 200,000 employees, the new China Minmetals is the only state-owned capital investment company in China’s mining industry, undertaking the mission of securing the national metal resource supply and devoting itself to forging a metal mining group which is “First in China and First-class in the World”. Guo Wenqing said that the new China Minmetals is building its “Four Beams and Eight Columns” business system covering metal mining, metallurgical construction, trade and logistics, and financial real estate. In the metal mining sector, China Minmetals possesses copper, nickel, lead, zinc and other rich mineral resources in Hunan, Guizhou, Qinghai and other provinces in China, as well as in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Pakistan and other countries around the world. It operates the Papua New Guinea Ramu NiCo Nickel Ore Mine which ranks in the top three worldwide in terms of reserves, and the Las Bambas Copper Mine which ranks 7th worldwide in terms of output. In the metallurgical construction sector, MCC Group is the pioneer and new force of China's steel industry. It has constructed the Vietnam Ha Tinh 10 Million ton Greenfield Steel Project and Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park 3.5 Million ton Steel Project, and occupies 90% of the domestic metallurgical construction market and 60% worldwide. As the genuine “national team of metallurgical construction” in China, it is currently responsible for the design and implementation of green and environmentally friendly construction and energy conservation transformation for China’s iron and steel enterprises. In the trade logistics sector, China Minmetals has set up a global trade network system and established large logistics industrial parks in Guangzhou, Wuxi, Lanzhou and elsewhere. In the financial real estate sector, as one of three state-owned enterprises to hold the full range of financial licenses, China Minmetals has strong investment & financing and resource allocation capacity, takes the lead in establishing new energy and material industry investment funds, and has the strong support of many state-owned enterprises and investment organizations. Minmetals Real Estate and MCC Real Estate are both real estate development enterprises approved by the State-owned Assets Supervision Administration Commission. MCC Group actively applies the productivity advantages of the Tangshan National Fabricated Housing Industrial Base and Steel Structure Base into the construction and development of Xiong’an New Area.

  Guo Wenqing stressed that the Group Company is mainly constructing the Caofeidian Ore Blending and Trading Center Project and MCC New Material Project in the Caofeidian area of Tangshan at present. With a clear direction, the Caofeidian Ore Blending and Trading Center Project will facilitate national strategies, improve the competitiveness of China's enterprises in international iron ore markets, lower the transaction exposure of iron and steel enterprises to foreign exchange in international trade, and promote international industrial influence, thereby ensuring that China Minmetals can fulfill its important mission to guarantee national mineral resource safety as the only state-owned capital investment company in the metal mining industry. At the same time, MCC Group has designed and constructed blast furnaces for all large domestic iron and steel enterprises, and can offer world-class optimal mineral proportion programs so as to greatly reduce pollution from iron and steel enterprises, and make contributions to the healthy and sustainable economic and social development of the local area; as such, it will be promoted in Hebei, Shandong, Liaoning, Fujian and so on as a demonstration project. The MCC New Material Project is the fastest project in Caofeidian in terms of investment and construction by state-owned enterprises. Upon completion, it will be the largest R&D and production base for high nickel ternary precursor in China and high-purity scandium oxide in the world, providing the Chinese new energy vehicle industry with core key materials and striving to secure the strategic commanding height of a new round of international competition. Meanwhile, China Minmetals is also promoting the Changyuan Lico Battery Cathode Material Project, Minmetals Salt Lake Lithium Extraction Project and so on, actively making arrangements for the resource acquisition required by the new energy and material fields.

  During the meeting, Guo Wenqing also said that China Minmetals and MCC Group have a good relationship and cooperation basis with Tangshan. MCC22 has made great contributions to the city in earthquake relief, iron and steel industry development, and infrastructure construction, and it is willing to deepen and strengthen its cooperation with the Tangshan Municipal Party Committee and Government on mineral resources, metallurgical construction, emerging industries, logistics and trade, futures, etc. He hopes that Tangshan will pay close attention and offer adequate solutions to the historical problems of MCC Group in the city regarding expressways, affordable housing, vocational education centers and other projects.

  Wang Hao warmly welcomed Guo Wenqing and his delegation, highly affirmed the brilliant achievements of the new China Minmetals following the reorganization, sincerely thanked the new China Minmetals for its huge contributions to the recovery and development of Tangshan over many years, and briefly introduced the basic development situation in the city. He pointed out that Tangshan Port is now a national Class I open port. The transportation of coal, steel, mineral and other dominant items has been enhanced, the annual handling capacity has increased and rapid development has been gained on the basis of Tangshan’s abundant natural resources and strong industrial base. In particular, Caofeidian Port Area has a reasonable layout and superior economic and geographical resource conditions for the development and construction of a large deep-water port. The huge area of state-owned tidal flats behind the port can be used to carry out large-scale industrial development, develop the large-scale harbor industry related to metallurgy, petrifaction, energy, equipment manufacturing, building materials, etc. and build a grand world-class and comprehensive port and modern industrial base. Standing at a new starting point in a new era, the Tangshan Municipal Party Committee and Government are carefully studying and implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, following General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions regarding the “three striving constructions” and “three forefronts” in Tangshan, as well as the requirements for the “two leading priorities” proposed by the Provincial Party Committee and Government, and further clarifying the vision, orientation and objectives of Tangshan’s development in the new era so as to strive to build Caofeidian into a grand world-class integrated trading port, modern industrial agglomeration area and modern coastal city.

  Wang Hao said that the China Minmetals Corporation has witnessed the rapid development of Tangshan over the last 40 years, while MCC Group was the witness of the post-disaster reconstruction, both making great contributions to the recovery and development of the city. Having thus earned the appreciation of Tangshan people, China Minmetals and MCC enjoy a well-established long-standing relationship with the locals. Currently, Tangshan’s development has entered the window phase and golden period of open and high-quality development. He sincerely hopes that China Minmetals will enhance its cooperation and collaboration with Tangshan so as to carry out more extensive pragmatic cooperation on mineral resources, international logistics and trade, strategic emerging industries, new building materials, high-end real estate development, finance, etc. and jointly forge a model of city-enterprise cooperation with diversified development and deep integration. The Tangshan Municipal Party Committee and Government will offer preferential services for the development of the China Minmetals Corporation and MCC Group in Tangshan.

  The meeting was attended by Group Company Deputy General Manager & Party Group Member and MCC Group General Manager & Party Committee Secretary Zhang Zhaoxiang, relevant Tangshan Municipal Government personnel Fu Zhenbo, Sun Guishi, Cao Quanmin, Ji Guimei, Cai Hongkui, Cui Jingxue and others, and related personnel of the Group Company Headquarters departments and MCC Group Wang Shilei, Ren Zhufeng, Liu Qingchun, Xiao Peng, Liu Fuming, Wang Mingbao, Zhang Huiqing, Tang Zaoring, Zong Shaoxing, Yuan Silang, Wu Qingyu and others.



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