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Zhang Mengxing Attends 3rd Conference of Hebei Tourism Industry Development
CopyFrom: Date:24 July 2018
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  On July 18th, the 3rd Conference of Hebei Tourism Industry Development opened in Chengde City, Hebei Province. Themed “Ecological Tourism and Green Development”, this conference is intended to forge a new model of ecologically civilized tourism, a new benchmark of “Happy Hebei” and a new example of all-for-one tourism, allowing all partners to cooperate on boosting grand regional, seasonal and national tourism industry development. MCC Group & MCC Party Committee Deputy Secretary and MCC President Zhang Mengxing was invited to attend the meeting where he held friendly talks and carried out in-depth communication with Hebei Provincial Party Committee Secretary and Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee Director Wang Dongfeng and other leading officials of the Hebei Provincial Party Committee and Government on future mutual win-win development and other matters.

  Zhang Mengxing first introduced the basic situations of MCC Group, pointing out that MCC Group is a pioneer and constructor of the metallurgical industry in China, and the largest and strongest metallurgical construction contractor and operation service provider. In recent years, MCC Group has successfully realized its business transformation and is now committed to being the “national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of capital construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the road of high-tech and high-quality development in the long term”. The Group possesses 9 technology research institutes covering underground pipe galleries, theme parks, beautiful villages, smart cities, water environment treatment and so on, holds more than 22,000 patents, ranking 4th among state-owned enterprises, and has won the China Patent Gold Medal for three consecutive years. At present, MCC Group is enjoying steady and healthy development in its four major business segments of project general contracting, real estate development, equipment manufacturing and resource exploitation.

  At the 3rd Conference of Hebei Tourism Industry Development, Zhang Mengxing said that Hebei Province has a long and splendid history and culture, rich and unique tourism resources, and great potential for sustainable development. MCC Group will adhere to the philosophy of green development, deepen its cooperation with Hebei Province on infrastructure construction, culture and tourism industry development, etc., boost the economic and social development of the province and make contributions to the smooth implementation of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated Development Strategy.

  On behalf of the Hebei Provincial Party Committee and Government, Wang Dongfeng extended has warm welcome and sincere gratitude to the representatives of state-owned enterprises and guests from China and abroad attending the meeting. He then pointed out that Hebei, surrounded by Beijing and Tianjin internally, and close to the Bohai Sea externally, has unique regional advantages, profound historical foundations and abundant tourism resources, making it an important tourism destination with great potential for the development of the tourism industry in China. In recent years, Hebei has thoroughly implemented Xi Jinping’s thought on ecological civilization, firmly established the philosophy of "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets", embodied new development philosophies, adjusted the economic structure, improved the ecological environment, promoted poverty alleviation and made great efforts to create a high-quality environment for the development, markets and consumption of tourism. He stressed that Hebei hopes to join hands and cooperate with MCC Group and other high-quality state-owned enterprises and partners from all walks of life so as to cultivate and strengthen the new industrial forms, products and models of economic development, and solidly advance the high-quality development of the cultural tourism industry.

  During the conference, MCC Real Estate Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shuangluan District of Chengde City, Hebei Province. This agreement is not only the specific reflection of MCC Real Estate Group's implementation of the spirit of the meeting between the leaders of both sides, but also a brand-new starting point in the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership between MCC Real Estate and Shuangluan District. According to the contents of the agreement, MCC Real Estate and Shuangluan will carry out comprehensive and extensive exchange and cooperation so as to realize mutual benefits and common development.

  The above activities were participated in by MCC Group Assistant General Manager and MCC Real Estate Group Chairman & Party Committee Secretary Liu Fuming, MCC Group Investment Management Department Minister Wang Wei and MCC Real Estate Group Deputy General Manager Dong Chao.


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