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Zhang Zhaoxiang Meets Shandong Jinluban Group Party Committee Secretary and Chairman Zhao Chuanfeng and Delegation
CopyFrom: Date:29 June 2018
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  On June 28th, MCC Group & MCC Party Committee Secretary and MCC Group General Manager Zhang Zhaoxiang met Shandong Jinluban Group Party Committee Secretary and Chairman Zhao Chuanfeng and his delegation. The two parties carried out an extensive discussion on boosting in-depth cooperation on highway traffic, industrial parks and other fields.

  Zhang Zhaoxiang first introduced the basic situations of MCC Group, pointing out that the Group is experiencing steady and healthy development in its four business segments of project general contracting, real estate development, equipment manufacturing and resource exploitation. Project general contracting is the main body of its operating income, and the four segments support each other. In recent years, MCC Group has achieved notable results in transformation & upgrading and its position in high-speed and high-quality development in active accordance with its strategic positioning of being the "national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of capital construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the road of high-tech and high-quality development in the long term". Aside from maintaining the pioneering advantages of the "national team" in the field of metallurgical construction, MCC Group also spares no efforts to expand its business scope, focuses on capital construction, emerging industries and other business areas, and has undertaken many infrastructure projects including expressways, super high-rise buildings, rail traffic, etc. at home and abroad, as well as emerging industry projects including characteristic towns, healthcare, ecological engineering and so on.

  Zhang Zhaoxiang stressed that Shandong has made great strides on the road of old and new kinetic energy conversion, and currently focuses on building a modern economic system and opening a new chapter of development. The location of the Comprehensive Test Area for Old and New Kinetic Energy Conversion in Shandong will definitely create a huge market for investment and construction, and a historical opportunity for corporate development. MCC Group highly values the Shandong market. The Jinluban Group also has a good history of cooperation with MCC Huanan, Shanghai Baoye and other MCC subsidiaries. In the future, MCC Group is willing to cooperate with the Jinluban Group on in-depth docking in terms of roads and municipal traffic, industrial parks, etc., and jointly expand the Shandong market so as to realize mutual benefits and win-win results.

  Zhao Chuanfeng briefly introduced the basic situation of the Jinluban Group, pointing out that it mainly operates within the whole highway traffic and industrial real estate development industrial chain, possesses strong and perfect capability for constructing highway traffic projects, and has successively completed the construction, design and supervision of expressways and national and provincial trunk roads with a total length of more than 4,000 km. The Jinluban Group is also devoted to being a service provider of industrial development in China, applies the professional development patterns of the investment, operation and management of comprehensive industrial parks while giving priority to park development, real estate development, educational training and healthcare & elderly care, supported by culture, finance and catering, and has successfully constructed the Innovation Valley Industrial Park, Tsinghua Changgeng Qingdao International Health City, Hualu Beiyou (Yiwu) Information Culture Startup Park and so on. Zhao Chuanfeng stressed that the MCC Group is a large-scale state-owned enterprise with obvious advantages in capital, technology, resources, management, etc. The Jinluban Group is willing to carry out extensive in-depth cooperation with such a large-scale state-owned enterprise as the MCC Group, focus on projects, jointly exploit the Shandong market and realize mutual development.

  The meeting was attended by leading Jinluban Group officials Zhang Xiaobo, Jiao Liangtian, Qin Jian, Sun Jianhua, Sun Yanpeng and Hu Sheng, MCC Group & MCC Party Committee Deputy Secretary and MCC Vice-President Wang Shilei and other leading MCC officials Wang Wei, Yang Kui, Ye Zhixiang and others.


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