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Wang Shilei and Delegation Visit Shanghai Baoye to Guide Work of Changchun Longxiang Project
CopyFrom: Date:11 May 2018
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  On May 5th, after attending the northeast region sub-headquarters project management and control main platform construction promotion meeting, MCC Vice-President Wang Shilei and his delegation made a special trip to inspect and guide the work of the Changchun Longxiang International Business Center Project, one of the MCC Group’s twenty major projects in 2018.

  After inspecting the construction site and listening to the Project Department’s report, Wang Shilei fully confirmed the current work of the Project Department, appreciated the current outstanding management results and thanked all management members for their hard work. He then pointed out that winning this project was not easy, and deeply reviewed the process of leading research, decision-making and team formation. He said it was relatively difficult to go from nothing to everything, and the hard work has been worthwhile when one sees the current encouraging scene. As one of the MCC Group’s twenty major projects in 2018, and with the largest volume and highest building height among all current MCC projects, this project is significant for MCC to explore the northeast market and even the national market, as well as the embodiment of the MCC Group’s duty to practice the SOE spirit in revitalizing the northeast, and it is an important project for both Shanghai Baoye and MCC. At present, the Project Department has achieved good performance in such aspects as team building, project quality, cost control and core technology, ranking first in the Group and showing the spirit of main force of Baoye’s basic construction and the leading strength of MCC’s construction groups.

  To complete the next step of the work, Wang Shilei then put forward five specific requirements:

  First, establish the MCC brand. Deeply realize the significance and importance of the project, arrange good project management, take root in Changchun and the northeast, and show the spirit of main force of MCC’s basic construction. Second, focus on team building. This project shall not only be the cradle of high-end project management talent but also the cradle of young management talent. Cultivate a group of excellent young talents and make them stand out through front line meritorious service and mentoring. Third, focus on achievement conversion. Unfold research on high-rise buildings and other supporting construction technology, and speed up achievement conversion to reserve technical strength for high-end market development. Fourth, focus on economic benefits. Strengthen the project’s risk management level while performing the SOE responsibility of rejuvenating the northeast. Avoid capital risk by continuously optimizing contract and performance conditions. Fifth, do a good job in quality and safety management. Do a good job in project safety management as usual and pay attention to quality management at the same time. Complete the project in accordance with high standards

  2018 is the year for the Changchun Longxiang Project to strive for success. All the processes are in good order and under control according to the annual schedule. The Project Department will carry forward the simple yet profound MCC spirit of “Never Delaying and Never Slacking”, and bear the Group’s mission to “Build Quality Projects and a Long-Term Industry Foundation”. With elaborate organization, scientific management, safe production, civilized construction and a sense of mission, the Group will submit a satisfactory answer sheet to the owner and society!

  MCC Group Engineering Management Minister Wang Hailong and Shanghai Baoye Deputy General Manager Yue Wenyan respectively addressed the meeting and accompanied the inspection.


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