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Guo Wenqing Visits MCC Baosteel Technology to Investigate, Survey, and Give Instructions
CopyFrom:MCC Date:24 February 2017
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  In the afternoon of February 21st, China Minmetals Corporation General Manager & Party Group Deputy Secretary and MCC Chairman & Party Committee Secretary Guo Wenqing visited the MCC Baosteel Technology Company to investigate, survey and give instructions; he also held a meeting for cadres, heard work reports and made an important speech. More than 40 persons including the leadership of MCC Baosteel Technology and the main principals of various organs' departments and secondary units attended the meeting, and made brief introductions to their work respectively.

  After hearing the work reports and holding cordial exchanges with the principals of all departments, Guo Wenqing highly affirmed the performance of MCC Baosteel Technology and the work of the leadership. He pointed out happily that MCC Baosteel Technology is developing rapidly and steadily, and has a unique viewpoint on industrial positioning. Its leadership is united and its middle-level cadres are young, promising, vibrant, high-level, capable and experienced, with a good image.

  Guo Wenqing then proposed five requirements for the future work of MCC Baosteel Technology:

  First, insist unswervingly on the strategic target of ‘focusing on the main industry, being strong in one industry, making relevant industries diversified, and complementing scientifically’. MCC Baosteel Technology is the only steel technology service enterprise of MCC. It is necessary to be strong in one industry instead of hitting out in all directions, cultivate products in its own relevant aspects, make issues of related pluralism, concentrate resources to expand the five regional markets and serve the large steel enterprise market. It is necessary to expand towards overseas markets and walk the road of the whole packaging of systems and service outsourcing.

  Second, further strengthen the management foundation, excavate management potential and grasp every moment without slacking. Enterprise management is the eternal theme of enterprise development. Internal potential excavation depends on management. If the management level is poor, many leaks will emerge and a series of hidden dangers and risks will come out. As such, it is necessary to firmly grasp every moment without slacking and strengthen the foundations. The relatives of leaders, cadres and specific stakeholders cannot work in any business related to the enterprise.

  Third, compress the mechanism, reduce the staff and seek efficiency. Baosteel Technology should pay attention to the enterprise's strategic leadership. It is necessary to conduct deep argument, analysis and research for the ideal and reasonable amounts of an enterprise's scale, profits and staff. Put forward feasible methods. It is necessary to finish the top-level design, work out plans scientifically, compress organs, reduce staff and further promote the efficiency and rate of capital turnover. Leading cadres should have greater interests in mind and start with minor details. It is necessary to pay attention to big things instead of small things. In grasping things, it is necessary to grasp big things and small things together, examine and weigh everything, analyze carefully, advance stably and further complete the article for reducing organs and seeking efficiency on the basis of existing experience.

  Fourth, take the ‘thousand-person plan’ as a tool to boost talent construction and scientific and technological innovation breakthroughs. It is necessary to ensure that the ‘thousand-person plan’ is implemented, combine talent team construction and cultivate cadres of various levels, including Party and masses cadres, discipline inspection cadres and talents, and more generalists of operation and management with higher capacity and broader vision. It is necessary to promote the enterprise to develop to a higher level and unceasingly develop and achieve new breakthroughs through talent construction.

  Fifth, continue forging a cadre team with unity, harmony, undertaking and contribution. The unity and harmony of the team is quite important, as it is a magic weapon for the enterprise to succeed. The members of the leadership must be clean, honest, responsible, devoted, united and harmonious. Every comrade should deeply love their own team and enterprise, have respect for their surrounding colleagues and deal with problems in work with the emotions of a big family. Internal enterprise management should be strict. Offer help if there is a difficulty, give praise if there is a good performance and criticize if there are problems. It is necessary to keep goodwill in the heart, tolerate each other, treat each other with sincerity and honesty, get along harmoniously and work with cooperation between the higher and lower level and among colleagues.

  Guo Wenqing has the utmost confidence in MCC Baosteel Technology and all its cadres above the medium level of the enterprise to pursue development with lasting richness and stability. He hopes that everyone will continue fighting, making efforts and striving to create a beautiful tomorrow for the enterprise!

  The investigation and survey were attended by relevant leaders of China Minmetals and MCC including Zhang Zhaoxiang, Wang Shilei, Shi Dexin and Lin Jinzhen, as well as staff from related functional departments including Yan Aizhong and Jin Zhifeng.


  Guo Wenqing makes an important speech


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