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Guo Wenqing Meets Henan Provincial Party Standing Committee Member and Zhengzhou Municipal Party Secretary Ma Yi
They witness the signing of a strategic cooperation framework agreement between MCC and the People’s Government of Zhengzhou
CopyFrom:MCC Date:21 February 2017
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  On February16th, China Minmetals General Manager & Party Group Deputy Secretary and MCC Group Chairman &Party Secretary Guo Wenqing met Henan Provincial Party Standing Committee Member and Zhengzhou Municipal Party Secretary Ma Yi in Zhengzhou. Both parties held a meeting in a cordial and friendly atmosphere, conducted an in-depth exchange of views on strengthening cooperation in such fields as the headquarters base, highways, rail transit, financial industry, logistics parks, municipal infrastructure, primary land development management, real estate development, sponge city technology, beautiful villages, high-end housing construction and special theme projects, and witnessed the signing of a strategic cooperation framework agreement between MCC and the People’s Government of Zhengzhou.

  Guo Wenqing expressed his appreciation for the strong support that the Zhengzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC and the People’s Government of Zhengzhou have shown China Minmetals and the MCC Group over the years, and briefly introduced the historical development and development situation of China Minmetals and the MCC Group. He pointed out that the MCC Group is the world’s largest metallurgical construction contractor and metallurgical enterprise operation service provider, as well as the pioneer and constructor of China’s steel industry. It has undertaken90% of the design and construction tasks of large domestic steel enterprises, and occupies60% of the global metallurgical construction market. The MCC Group successfully realized its transformation and devoted itself to becoming the ‘national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of infrastructure construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the road of high-tech construction in the long term’; it has developed into an expert in solving complex urban problems and was China’s first practitioner to implement such advanced ideas as smart cities and sponge cities; it has set up 6technical research institutes, i.e. comprehensive pipe galleries, smart city and beautiful village, sponge city, theme parks, water environment technology and the health & pension industry, and successfully completed many large emerging industry projects; and it has also entered the rail transit industry, undertaken the construction of many high-quality highways in Inner Mongolia and Guizhou, and accumulated rich experience. In particular, in the field of utility tunnels, the MCC Group was the first enterprise to establish a professional technical research institute, professional company and professional fund in China. It is also the only enterprise to hold a theme park design and construction qualification in China, and it has successfully completed many theme park projects at home and abroad including Shanghai Disneyland, Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom and Universal Studios Singapore, accumulating rich experience; it is currently undertaking the design and EPC tasks of projects including Universal Studios, Eastern Dragon Nest, Huaian Journey to the West Theme Park  and more.

  Guo Wenqing pointed out that China Minmetals and the MCC Group successfully implemented their strategic reorganization, which was the first strategic reorganization between two Global 500 companies in China. After the reorganization, the China Minmetals Group devoted itself to building an investment platform for China’s metallic ore industry, creating a full-range industrial chain including mine acquisition, design, construction, mining, mineral separation, smelting, logistics and trade, and becoming the guardian of national metal mineral resources security. The reorganizedChina Minmetals has been approved by the State Council for inclusion among the second batch of pilot enterprises of state-owned capital investment, and it has an asset size of RMB 1.55trillion, 800 billion of which make up its financial assets. It has 240,000 on-post employees including over 60,000engineering and technical personnel,29 national platforms of sci-tech innovation and national key laboratories, and over 18,000 patents in force, ranking fourth among central enterprises. It has entered the world’s first echelon in the metallic ore field including copper, lead and zinc. The reorganized China Minmetals is one of three central enterprises with all financial licenses, enabling it to engage in business including securities, funds and banking with strong investment and financing capacities. Moreover, Minmetals Land and MCC Real Estate, subordinate to the new China Minmetals, enjoy high popularity in the real estate industry.

  Guo Wenqing stressed that the new China Minmetals pays close attention to Zhengzhou City’s central hub position as the capital of Henan Province and a core city of the central economic zone. Many of its key subsidiaries have built and invested in many projects in Zhengzhou, maintained a good cooperative relationship with the city and developed a profound friendship. The new China Minmetals plans to strengthen its development in Zhengzhou in such aspects as a large logistics park and a secondary headquarters bases so as to make greater contributions to the social and economic development of the city. It is hoped that both parties will increase their communication and take the signing of this strategic agreement as an opportunity to further strengthen their cooperation in such fields as highways, rail transit, municipal infrastructure, land development and reclamation, real estate development, sponge city technology, beautiful villages, high-end housing construction, special theme projects and the financial industry. It is also hoped that the People’s Government of Zhengzhou will continue to provide strong support.

  Ma Yi welcomed Guo Wenqing to Zhengzhou and briefly introduced the basic situation of the city, pointing out that as a regional central city in the country, Zhengzhou is the central city in the city cluster of the national ‘Rise of Central China’ strategy, which fully displays its future development potential and supporting role in China’s overall development with the obvious regional and transportation advantages of a comprehensive transportation hub. Currently, Zhengzhou City is actively seizing the opportunity brought by the national key strategy, focusing on building an international and modern dual comprehensive transportation hub and an important portal for opening-up the central and western regions, focusing on building ‘one hub, one portal, one base and four centers’, and presenting favorable development trends. It is hoped that the new China Minmetals will give further play to its advantages in the fields of talents, technology, management and capital, fully participate in Zhengzhou’s economic development and make greater contributions to Zhengzhou. Both parties should strengthen their communication, appoint specially-assigned persons to communicate with departments, and comprehensively explore cooperative projects including the headquarters base, logistics park, financial industry, traffic and municipal infrastructure, beautiful villages, real estate development and high-end housing construction, thereby expanding their cooperation fields and realizing long-term and in-depth cooperation.

  After the meeting, Guo Wenqing and Ma Yi witnessed the signing of a strategic cooperation framework agreement between MCC and the People’s Government of Zhengzhou. MCC President Zhang Mengxing and Zhengzhou Executive Deputy Mayor Wang Yuehua signed the agreement on behalf of their respective parties.

  The meeting and signing ceremony were attended by Zhengzhou Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor Cheng Zhiming, Municipal Party Standing Committee Member and Executive Deputy Mayor Wang Yuehua, Municipal Party Committee Executive Deputy Secretary General and Office Director Jiang Xianzhao, Municipal Government Deputy Secretary General Zhai Zheng, Municipal Government Deputy Secretary General and Zhengzhou Urban and Rural Planning Bureau Director Yuan Juping, Zhengzhou Finance Bureau Director Liu Rui, and Urban and Rural Construction Commission of Zhengzhou Municipality Director Liang Yuansen.

  During his stay in Zhengzhou, Guo Wenqing met Henan Provincial People’s Government SASAC Director and Party Secretary Li Tao, Angang Group Chairman Li Lijian and General Manager Liu Runsheng.

  The above activities were attended by China Minmetals Corporation General Manager &Party Group Member, MCC Group General Manager &Deputy Party Secretary and MCC Chairman &Party Secretary Zhang Zhaoxiang, MCC Group & MCC Deputy Party Secretary and MCC President Zhang Mengxing, MCC Group & MCC Party Standing Committee Member, MCC Vice President an hanghai Baoye Chairman Wang Shilei, China Minmetals Corporation Assistant General Manager and Minmetals Capital Holding Limited General Manager Ren Zhufeng, MCC Group Assistant General Manager and MCC Real Estate Group Chairman Liu Fuming, Minmetals Development Co., Ltd. General Manager Liu Qingchun, MCC CERI Chairman Shi She, Shanghai Baoye General Manager Bai Xiaohu and others.

  General Manager Guo Wenqing holds talks with Secretary Ma Yi

  Signing ceremony venue

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