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Zhang Zhaoxiang MeetsGuangzhou Construction Group President He Quanlong and Delegation
CopyFrom:MCC Date:20 February 2017
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  On February 17th, China Minmetals CorporationVice General Manager, MCC Group General Manager andMCC Party Secretary and Vice President Zhang Zhaoxiang met with Guangzhou Construction Group President and Party Secretary He Quanlong and his delegationat the MCC Headquarters in Beijing. Both sides deeply exchanged opinions onfurther strengthening cooperation in the areas of municipal infrastructure, underground pipe galleries, beautiful villageand smart city technology, waste incineration power generation, water environment rehabilitation, urban micro-transformation and so on.

  Zhang Zhaoxiang welcomed President He Quanlong and his delegation to the MCC Group and briefly introduced the situation of MCC’s transformation development, pointing out that MCC isdedicated to being the ‘national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of infrastructure construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries,insisting on taking the road of high-techconstruction in the long term’. It has achieved impressive performance in the areas of urban infrastructure construction, high-end residence buildings, underground pipe galleries, beautiful village, smart city and sponge city technology, waste incineration power generation, theme parks, water environment rehabilitation, rail transportation and other fields,completing several large emerging industry projects. Emerging industries have become MCC’s main business segments and advantageous fields. MCC has strong technology research &development and technological innovation ability, andpossesses22 national scientific research platforms and state key laboratoriesandmore than 18,000 effective patents, ranking fourth among central enterprises for four consecutive years. Guangdong is the key regional market that MCC exploits, andit hasmany subsidiary companies rooted there which have successfully completed many major projects including the development of Zhuhai Hengqin Island and Shenzhen’s comprehensive pipe gallery. In the process of Guangzhou’s accelerated development, MCC is willing to give full play to itsadvantages in design, construction, technology, capital and other areas, and carry out in-depth cooperation with the Guangzhou Construction Group in the areas of underground pipe galleries, sponge city and beautiful village technology, waste incineration power generation and so on, therebyjointly contributing to Guangzhou’s construction.

  He Quanlong gave abrief introduction of theGuangzhou Construction Group’s basic conditions, pointing out that itis alarge state-owned enterprise group directly controlled by the Guangzhou SASAC, and also the first enterprise to hold the housing construction engineering general construction contractor special grade qualification, construction industry (constructional engineering) first grade qualification, municipal utilities engineering general construction contractor special grade qualification, and municipal industry first grade design qualification. The Group’s comprehensive strength ranksfirst among the construction enterprises ofGuangdong Province. It is in a transitional period at present and it hopes to actively learn from the experience of MCC in the transformation development process through cooperation. It hopes to develop Guangzhou’s new industries and markets in waste incineration power generation, water environment rehabilitation, urban micro-transformation and so on, and actively explore the regions in the east and west of Guangdong in the process of achieving the development goals of the ‘13th Five-year Plan’. He hopes that the Guangzhou Construction Group and MCC will seizeGuangzhou’s promisingdevelopment opportunities, engage insincere cooperation and make joint contributionsto Guangzhou’s urban development.

  The meeting was attended by Guangzhou Construction Group Vice President and General Manager Liang Huqing, Vice General Manager Xian Congying, Board Secretary Du Muqun, MCC Group and MCC Party Standing Committee Member and MCC Vice President Wang Shilei, MCC Group General Office Director Zeng Gang, Investment Management DepartmentDirector Yang Kui, Domestic Market Development Department Director Zeng Jianzhong, Strategy & Management Innovation Department Deputy Director Gao Ling and relevant personnel.


  Secretary Zhang Zhaoxiang and President He Quanlong




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