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 Zhang Mengxing Meets Tianjin Ninghe District Committee Secretary Luo Fulai
 They commonly witness the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between MCC and the Ninghe District Government
CopyFrom: Date:20 February 2017
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  On February 17th, MCC President Zhang Mengxing met Tianjin Ninghe District Committee Secretary Luo Fulai at theMCC Headquartersin Beijing. Both sides held a discussion in which they reviewedthe cooperation process, looked forward to cooperation prospects, conducted an in-depth exchange of views concerning further strengthening cooperation on new-type urbanization, municipal infrastructure, beautiful villages, real estate development, waste incineration, sewage treatment and other fields, and commonly witnessed the signing of astrategic cooperation agreement between MCC and the Ninghe District Government.

  Zhang Mengxing expressed gratitude to the Ninghe District Government for their support and gave a brief introduction tothe basic information of MCC, pointing out thatas the world's largest and strongest metallurgical engineering construction contractor and metallurgical enterprise operation service provider, ranking 290th among the Fortune Global 500 companies and 8thin the'Global Contractor Top 250',MCChas now gained steady development in the four business sectors ofgeneral projectcontracting, real estate development, equipment manufacturing and resource development.As a national team of metallurgical construction, the design and construction tasks undertaken byMCCaccount for more than 90% of that of large-scale iron &steel enterprises at home and over 60% globally. MCC is one of 16 central enterprises that have been determined by SASAC to take real estate as theirmajor business. In terms of equipment and steel structure manufacturing, it operates the equipment manufacturing business in metallurgical, mining and maritime work fields, and it is the world's largest steel structure manufacturing enterprise. It boasts abundant metallic ore resources including nickel, cobalt, lead, zinc, copper and iron in such nations and regions as Papua New Guinea, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Australia and Argentina. According to the strategic positioning of being the 'national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of infrastructure construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the road of high-tech construction in the long term', MCC has successfully realized its own transformation and upgrading. It now has 12 research design units, 20 national technical R&D centers and key laboratories,over 53,000 researchersand more than 18,000 valid patents, ranking fourth among central enterprises. In 2015, MCC established China's first specialized pipeline company and a 100 billion urban integrated pipeline industry fund. As the only enterprise in China that has been approved for the design and constructionof theme parks, MCC has developed a strategic partnership with DreamWorks, Lego and 21st Century Fox, successfully completed many super-huge cultural theme parks including UniversalStudios Singapore, Shanghai Disney Resort and Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, and is currently constructing Nanjing Dragon Nest, Huaian 'Journey to the West' Theme Park, Indonesia MNC and more. In the environmental protection sector, MCC has also established the MCC Water Affairs Technology Institute witha sewage treatment capacity of up to 4,000,000 tons per day; it has also successfully designed China's first waste incineration power plant, and currentlydesigns, constructs and operates many waste incineration power plants in China. In 2015, the twoFortune Global 500 companies of China Minmetals and MCCimplemented a strategic reorganization, following whichthe new China Minmetals possesses greatly increased capital strength and resource control force, andtotal assets of more than RMB 750 billion.

  Zhang Mengxing pointed outthat Ninghe District boasts prominent regional advantages, a beautiful ecological environment and huge development potential; it has also maintained a good partnership with MCC for many years and established a profound friendship. As such, both MCC and Ninghe District will take this strategic cooperation agreement as an opportunity to set up a special communication group forenhancing exchanges, find entry points and further strengthen cooperation on new-type urbanization, municipal infrastructure, beautiful villages, real estate development, waste incineration, sewage treatment and other fields. He hopes that the Ninghe District Government will provide great support as usual in this process.

  Luo Fulai briefly introduced the basic information of Ninghe District, pointing out it is universally known as an abundant place with a favorableecological environment and obvious regional advantages. Owing to the implementation of the national strategy concerning the synergetic development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, Ninghe District is facing a great-leap-forward development opportunity: the rail transit from Ninghe District to Beijing and Tianjin is under planning with a sufficient construction land index, providing huge development space and potential, and there are many industrial parks such as the Beijing-Tianjin Cooperation Park and Beijing-Hebei Cooperation Park. As a leading central enterprise ranking among theFortuneGlobal 500 companies, MCC has successfully realized transformation, gained a great development situation, accumulated enormous potentialand formed a strong brand influence. Furthermore, Ninghe District has maintained a good partnership with MCC for many years,and developed a profound emotional foundation. As such,Ninghe District is willing to further strengthen its cooperation with MCC; the Ninghe District Government will definitely provide great support, expectthe early commencement and substantial progress of cooperative projects, and hope that MCCwillstrengthen its investment and development in Ninghe District and actively participate in the development and construction of Ninghe District's new-type urbanization, real estate development, sewage treatment, waste incineration, sports centers, hospitals, schools and other fields.

  After the meeting, Zhang Mengxing, Luo Fulai and other leaders witnessed the signing of astrategic cooperation agreement between respective representatives MCC Vice President Qu Yang and Ninghe District Chief Xia Xin.

  The meeting was attended by Ninghe District Committee Deputy Secretary and Chief Xia Xin, District Standing Committee Member and Executive Deputy District Chief Chen Chunjiang, District Standing Committee Member and Office Director Zhang Jinqi, District Government Deputy District Chief Wang Bosheng, District Government Deputy District Chief Zeng Dechao, Bank-Government Cooperation Office.Director Man Yuheng, District Government General Office Deputy Director Li Shunxi, Ninghe Xingning Group Chairman Yu Keqian,MCC Standing Committee Member and MCC Vice President Qu Yang, MCC Board Secretary and Funds Department Director Li Yuzhuo, CTMCC General Manager Yang Zhiyong, MCC Investment Management Department Director Yang Kui, Domestic Market Development Department Director Zeng Jianzhong, MCC CCB Principal Asset Management Co.,Ltd.Vice General Manager and MCC Funds Department Deputy Director Ye Zhixiang, CMCC Vice General Manager Feng Wen and CTMCC Vice General Manager Chai Ning.


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