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Zhang Mengxing Visits MCC's Henan Branch Company to Inspect and Give Instructions
CopyFrom:MCC Date:17 February 2017
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  On February 16th, MCC Party Committee Deputy Secretary and President Zhang Mengxing visited the MCC Group's Henan Branch Company to conduct an inspection and give instructions. The visit was attended by MCC Standing Party Committee Member & President and Shanghai Baoye Chairman & Party Committee Secretary Wang Shilei.

  Zhang Mengxing expressed his full affirmation of the fast development of the MCC Group's Henan Branch Company and the Shanghai Baoye Group’s Zhengzhou Branch Company on the premise of stability. MCC pays close attention to the market of Henan and has signed a strategic framework cooperation agreement with the Henan Provincial Government. The upgrading and development of the Henan Branch Company is provided with favourable inner and outer conditions. It is hoped that the MCC Group's Henan Branch Company will avail itself of the current trends to strive for leapfrog development. First, pay close attention to marketing. Dispatch the most excellent personnel to replenish the marketing front, establish the philosophy of taking part in the market by elites and upgrade marketing models and targets. Second, make the best of the broad market of Henan Province, carry out intensive farming and strive to advance towards the target of becoming an entity. Third, finish the coordination of MCC's subsidiaries in Henan and create good conditions for the market development of all subsidiaries. Fourth, make use of advantages in management and technology, forge high-end talent teams, make branches become intensive and technology-intensive enterprises, and establish the template of MCC's regional companies.

  Shanghai Baoye Zhengzhou Branch Company General Manager Fang Xuejun introduced the performance achieved by the Henan Branch Company and Zhengzhou Branch Company in such works as the founding of enterprise systems, market development, project management, development positioning, localized management and enterprise cultural construction since they first hung out their shingles and began business, and reported the development planning for the next few years.

  The meeting was attended by MCC Investment Management Division Director Yang Kui, Domestic Market Development Director Zeng Jianzhong, MCC Communication Construction Group Deputy General Manager Lu Yan, the leading body of Shanghai Baoye’s Zhengzhou Branch Company and related personnel.

President Zhang Mengxing delivers an important speech


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