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Zhang Mengxing Visits Shenzhen to Promote Expansion of South China Regional Market
Holds meeting with leaders of Merchant Shekou and calls on Longgang District Party Committee Secretary Gao Zimin
CopyFrom:MCC Date:16 February 2017
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  On February 14th, MCC Party Committee Deputy Secretary and President Zhang Mengxing visited Shenzhen in Guangdong, where he successively met with Merchant Shekou General Manager Xu Yongjun and Longgang District Party Committee Secretary Gao Zimin. Both sides conducted a deep discussion on participating in the construction of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, accelerating the promotion of the Apollo Future City  Infrastructure Construction Project, and actively participating in the development of Longgang District Industrial Park, water environment treatment and old city transformation. During his visit, Zhang Mengxing also organized the South China (Shenzhen) Area Principal Marketing Meeting, and arranged and deployed the next key work.

  In the morning, President Zhang Mengxing held talks with General Manager Xu Yongjun in which he briefly introduced the current situation of MCC's development and pointed out that MCC has succeeded in realizing transformation since returning to its main business. He expressed that MCC is a steel structure production enterprise with the largest capacity in China and the central enterprise with the largest number of double special-grade subsidiaries. MCC has prominent strengths in businesses including traffic municipal infrastructure, high-end housing construction, large stadiums, theme parks, environmental engineering and urban underground comprehensive pipe galleries. MCC hopes to engage in close contact with Merchant Shekou, strengthen cooperation and complement each other's advantages. He said that the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center will be the biggest global convention and exhibition center and a significant symbolic project. MCC possesses rich experience in large stadiums and housing construction relevant to the building of the convention and exhibition center, and it hopes to provide the Merchants Group with high-quality and efficient services.

  General Manager Xu Yongjun first thanked President Zhang Mengxing for the concern that MCC has shown towards Merchant Shekou and briefly introduced the development of the Merchants Group, pointing out that it depends on 50% of finance and 50% of industry. It does not have its own construction team, and all its project construction is outsourced. Its first choice is to set up long-term strategic cooperation relationship with a central enterprise in the building category. He expressed that the Merchants Group and MCC have firm foundations and strong complementarity in their businesses. They enjoy good cooperation relations in the Chengdu Magic Cube Project. The Merchants Group and MCC have plenty of cooperation opportunities in such construction projects as the surroundings of the Airport New City, Shenzhen Qianhai, Shekou Taizi Bay and Universal Studios. He hopes that both sides will develop deeper all-round cooperation.

  The above activities were attended by Merchant Shekou Deputy General Manager and Merchant Shekou Shenzhen Company General Manager He Fei, Merchant Shekou Chief Executive Officer Di Qian and Merchant Shekou Shenzhen Company Deputy General Manager Ma Jun.

  In the afternoon, President Zhang Mengxing visited Longgang District Party Committee Secretary Gao Zimin for a friendly meeting. Zhang Mengxing first thanked Secretary Gao Zimin for his warm reception, then conveyed the greetings of Chairman Guo Wenqing and invited Secretary Gao to lead a delegation to visit MCC's Headquarters in Beijing. Zhang Mengxing then reviewed the profound historical relationship between MCC and Shenzhen, and introduced the circumstances in which MCC has succeeded in realizing transformation in the four business sectors of general project contracting, real estate development, equipment manufacturing and resource development. Zhang Mengxing pointed out that MCC attaches great importance to business expansion in Shenzhen City, selects business backbones to take part in the economic development and construction of the city, and feasibly fulfills the strategic cooperation agreement that it signed with the Shenzhen Municipal Government, Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and Longgang District respectively in November 2015. Zhang Mengxing pointed out that Shenzhen will continue to lead China's economic reform, transformation and upgrading, and play a significant role in the ‘Eastward Movement Strategy’. MCC looks forward to making contributions to the next stages in the development of Longgang District, and carrying out broader strategic cooperation in such fields as infrastructure construction, scientific and technological park construction, water environment treatment and scientific and technological innovation.

  Secretary Gao Zimin welcomed President Zhang Mengxing and expressed gratitude for MCC’s contributions to Longgang's economic development. He expressed that in recent years MCC has set an example in the successful transformation of central enterprises through the spirit of innovation and strategic deployment of emerging industries. The District Government should adapt to the new trend to learn from the enterprise and enjoy the same success as MCC. Secretary Gao Zimin mentioned the situation positioning of Longgang and focused on introducing Longgang's ‘Eastward Movement Strategy’. He expressed that it is necessary to make a plan for the whole district according to the positioning of a city-level center and focus on surrounding traffic, industries, public services and so on in order to promote the eastward strategy. He also emphasized that Longgang will pay more attention to the synergy of the city, attach importance to the five-in-one integration of building space, industrial space, life leisure space, urban public space and underground space, and practically promote the quality of urban area development. He pointed out that the ‘Eastward Movement Strategy’ will create another Shenzhen and another ‘Beijing Chaoyang’. MCC can promote the depth of its strategic cooperation with Shenzhen City through the strength of its cooperation with the east regions. Longgang District hopes that MCC will grasp the opportunities, further enhance deep cooperation in such fields as intensive scientific and technological innovation, infrastructure pipeline networks, riverway water environment treatment and old city transformation. The Municipal Party Committee and Government will provide high-quality and efficient administrative services.

  The meeting was attended by District Standing Party Committee Member and Deputy Director Yang Jun, District Standing Party Committee Member and Deputy Director Liu Wei, District Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Deputy Chairman Zhang Jing and leaders of related departments such as the District Development and Reform Bureau, District Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau, and Land and Resources Bureau. It was also attended by MCC Deputy Chief Engineer and MCC20 Deputy General Manager Wang Zhenzhi, Shanghai Baoye Deputy General Manager Hu Ying, MCC Huatian Deputy General Manager and Water Environment Research Institute Director Zhan Maohua, MCC20 Group Guangdong Branch Company General Manager Huang Xu, WISDRI Shenzhen Branch Company General Manager Zhao Hong and others.

  During the visit, President Zhang Mengxing also organized and held the South of China Region (Shenzhen) Principal Marketing Meeting. At the meeting, he deeply analyzed the characteristics of marketing in the Shenzhen region and made the following targeted deployments: first, the tender work of the international convention and exhibition center is the core of current overall work, so relevant units should research and read the bidding documents earnestly and finish the tender carefully. Second, strengthen conviction, seize the huge development potential of Shenzhen, promote the marketing level, and create and operate high-end and large scale projects. Third, speed up the project's promotion and construction, carefully plan and advance efficiency, and convert winning projects into operation revenue. Fourth, carry forward the spirits of innovation and inclusion, and pursue innovation in thinking and working methods. Everything should serve the target of acquiring more contracts. Dare to be the first in the world and endeavor to be the first in the region. All MCC units must obey commands, unite paces, implement solidarity and cooperation, share resources commonly, promote project planning capacity, advance the bid-winning rate of projects and realize the leapfrog development of project orders. Fifth, cadres and leaders should achieve ‘inner concentration’ and ‘pay attention to the details’. They should be clean, honest and self-disciplined, and work selflessly for the public interest.


  President Zhang Mengxing visits Longgang District Party Committee Secretary Gao Zimin


  President Zhang Mengxing holds talks with Merchant Shekou General Manager Xu Yongjun


  President Zhang Mengxing organizes and holds the South China Region (Shenzhen) Marketing Meeting


  President Zhang Mengxing organizes and holds the South China Region (Shenzhen) Marketing Meeting


  President Zhang Mengxing organizes and holds the South China Region (Shenzhen) Marketing Meeting


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