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MCC Holds Guizhou Project Construction Promotion Meeting
CopyFrom:MCC Date:14 February 2017
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  In the morning of February 9th, MCC held the Guizhou Project Construction Promotion Meeting in Guiyang.MCC Party Standing Committee Member and Vice President Wang Yongguang and MCC Party Standing Committee Member and Vice President Wang Shilei attended and made keynote speeches. More than 60 persons in total attended the meeting, including MCC Chief Economic Manager Zhao Zhishun, Safety Director & Safety and Quality Department Director Li Yulong, Investment Department Director Yang Kui, project construction managers, project management department directors and persons in charge of 11 subsidiaries of the MCC Guizhou Company, leading group members of the MCC Guizhou Company, main leaders of contracting companies of the Three-highway Project and so on. MCC Engineering Construction Management Department Director Du Zhixin presided over the meeting.

  The meeting was held for the purpose of implementing the spirits of the MCC Annual Work Meeting 2017, practicing the measures of the ‘engineering project management promotion year', further integrating internal resources and giving full play to the collaborative advantage of MCC's subsidiaries so as to vigorously propel engineering project construction in the Guizhou region and constantly enhance MCC's brand image in Guizhou Province.

  At the meeting, MCC Guizhou, MCC Communication, Shanghai Baoye and CISDI reported their own project construction and market expansion situations in Guizhou, while other subsidiaries reported their project progress and work arrangements for2017. The directors of the MCC Investment Department, Engineering Department and Safety & Quality Department gave explanations of related work situations and issued requirements.

  In his speech, Wang Shilei pointed out that MCC held its first engineering construction promotion meeting in Guiyang in 2017 in order to unveil the prelude of engineering construction management level promotion, which has been taken as a key driver. With rapid economic development, the growth of Guizhou Province's GDP ranks top three nationwide and its fixed-asset investment is maintaining swift growth in the long term. MCC has gained great achievements in Guizhou in accordance with the design and operation of Chairman Guo Wenqing’s proposed 'overall situation, large platform, grand market, broad projects and big customers' by undertaking a batch of civil, municipal and emerging industry projects with a huge volume and considerable social influence. Guizhou's rapid development provides a broad market for MCC. To solidly promote the construction of the projects in progress, create quality projects and reinforce the MCC brand is of a paramount significance for MCC to quickly consolidate and expand its market in Guizhou.

  In terms of fully completing the project promotion work, Wang Shilei put forward four requirements: first, all units should practically take Guizhou Province as the most important regional market and fully understand the significance of the Guizhou market; at the same time, the MCC Guizhou Company should be coordinative, bear MCC's banner and form a mighty combined force to jointly build the MCC brand. Second, all units should elaborately plan and organize their project management with meticulous construction, strengthen process control and tackle tough issues by taking excellent enterprises as examples. Third, all departments of the Headquarters should strengthen their support and service work for the MCC Guizhou Company and key projects in Guizhou, and enhance the process supervision of key projects. Relevant units should deploy more personnel, funds, materials and other resources to these key projects, and promote the solving of problems arising during project promotion. And fourth, by closely relying on the projects under construction, all units should unify the MCC image and identification, and build the MCC brand in strict accordance with the requirements of the MCC standardization manual, thereby displaying MCC's management capability and exchanging markets with construction sites.

  Wang Yongguang put forward six requirements for safety quality control work: first, all units should implement their entity responsibility and make a safety responsibility list; second, the project departments should perform their entity responsibility and construct a technological implementation supervision and guarantee system; third, all units should strengthen their risk ranking control, standardize the hidden danger identification system and establish a risk prevention system for project implementation; fourth, all units should enhance field safety supervision and inspection, and completely eradicate the 'three violations'; fifth, all units should perfect their emergency rescue work to effectively deal with unexpected accidents; and sixth, all units should effectively organize their safety training and education so as to improve the field safety work capacity of relevant personnel.

  In the afternoon of February 8th, Wang Shilei attended the MCC Guizhou Three-highway Project Construction Mobilization Meeting 2017, where he put forward requirements for the successful completion of the work tasks of2017. After the meeting, Wang Shilei and members of the leading group of the MCC Guizhou Company held a further discussion of the project’s promotion work.

  In the morning of February 8th, Wang Shilei and his delegation paid an official visit to Guizhou Provincial Transportation Department Director Wang Bingqing and developed an in-depth exchange on the promotion situation of the Guizhou Three-highway Project and village to village road construction, as well as follow-up project cooperation. Afterwards, Wang Shilei met Guizhou Railway Investment Co., Ltd. President Wu Yongand held a negotiation discussion concerning further implementing the bilateral strategic cooperation framework agreement on railway construction, developing PPP mode cooperation on relevant railway projects and so on. Wang Shilei stated that MCC will certainly give full support to the MCC Guizhou Company to take the lead in being responsible for the follow-up action and cooperation on the Guiyang-Xingyi Railway Project, and make a scientific and reasonable cooperation plan at full speed in accordance with the principles of win-win cooperation and serving Guizhou’s railway network construction. As the Guiyang-Xingyi Railway Project is the first railway project in MCC’s march towards the railway market, MCC will undoubtedly provide optimal conditions forits investment and cooperation.

  In the morning of February 9th, Wang Shilei paidan official visit to Guiyang Municipal Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor Liu Wenxin, and developed a friendly exchange on further deepening the strategic cooperation between MCC and Guiyang City, comprehensively expanding their cooperation fields by taking the Guiyang Subway Line No. 2 Project as a new start, and other matters. Vice President Wang Shilei pointed out that MCC has successfully achieved its transformation according to the strategic positioning of being the ‘national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of infrastructure construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the road of high-tech construction in the long term'. In 2016, with all the economic indicators reaching a higher level, MCC was honored as a Class A Enterprise in the 2015 Central Enterprise Principal Business Performance Evaluation. Aiming at building benchmark quality projects, MCC will actively organize and deploy its resources, spare no efforts to promote the construction of its contracted projects and fully participate in the municipal infrastructure construction of Guiyang City, thereby making greater contributions to the urban construction and economic development of Guiyang as a responsible central enterprise.

  In the afternoon of February 9th, Wang Shilei held talks with Guian New District Management Party Committee Member Su Yonghong and exchanged views on the promotion of MCC's Headquarters base construction in Guian New Area, the overall development of beautiful villageprojects, the available registered capital for the MCC Guizhou Company, the preparation and upgrading of relevant certificates, the promotion and implementation of follow-up projects, and other matters.

  MCC Guizhou Company Chairman Tian Zhixiang, General Manager Fan Yaozhong and others attended the above activities.


  MCC Guizhou Project Construction Promotion Meeting


  Wang Shilei paysan official visit to Guiyang Municipal Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor Liu Wenxin



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