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Guo Wenqing Presides Over MCC Group’s First Party-Government Joint Conference After 2017 Spring Festival
Definite requirements put forward for great leadership promotion and key works of 2017
CopyFrom:MCC Date:04 February 2017
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In the morning of February 4th, China Minmetals General Manager& Deputy Party Secretary and MCC Group President & Party Secretary Guo Wenqing presided over the first Party-Government Joint Conference following the 2017 Spring Festival. The whole leading group attended the conference.

Guo Wenqing emphasized that 2017 is a year for promoting leadership of MCC Group. In the crucial period in which the MCC Group steps into spanning development from steady development, the Group’s working conference put forward a key challenge: leadership construction which is targeted directly to key development points with sharp vision and strong pertinence. Facing these new tasks and missions, it is extremely urgent to strengthen and construct leadership ability at all levels. Only through enhancing leadership can we constantly correct mistakes, solve many problems at their source and settle disputes in the initial stages, thereby ensuring that the MCC Group can stride forward on the correct development track. This is an issue that MCC Group faces in its development era, and a crucial problem concerning the Group’s long-term development.

MCC’s performance continues to be good. The infrastructure fields and strategic emerging industries in which MCC is involved show broad and positive development prospects. In particular, MCC’s strategic emerging industries are everlasting sunrise industries. There have been no serious risks or problems in the enterprise’s operation management and development for the last three to five years. However, from the perspective of the current situation of its cadre team, MCC faces many tests including the integrity risk of the whole team and long-term governance. The key to promoting MCC’s development lies in its cadre team. First, we should hold a great discussion centering on promoting the ability of cadres, focus on regulating the working style of the headquarters of subsidiary enterprises and carry out leadership construction promotion work in whole system, thereby creating powerful momentum and a rich atmosphere. The Group should print and distribute relevant notices as soon as possible, and supervise and check them through grouping and scribing. Second, Group leaders, every functional department head of the Group Headquarters and subsidiary enterprise leaders, especially the Party Secretary and Discipline Inspection Committee Secretary, should write down their feelings, experiences and specific measures put into practice centering on ability enhancement and work style construction, and submit them to the Group’s Party Committee by the end of February. Third, the headquarters of subsidiary enterprises should simplify their administration, cut down on redundant persons and build an authoritative, efficient and service-oriented headquarters. Fourth, we should organically combine great leadership promotion, cadre work style and enterprise management promotion, and quality and efficiency advancement with market expansion so as to promote enterprise development to a new level. Fifth, the Group should seriously analyze the annual assessment of every employee of the leading group and staff one by one in 2016 by combining the work-style reorganization of the headquarters of subsidiary enterprises, give suggestion feedback to the leading group and enrich, adjust and perfect the leading groups of subsidiary enterprises accordingly. Through this year’s leadership promotion activity, the spirituality and ability of MCC cadre teams will be promoted to a new level. First-rate cadre teams will set up a world-class modern enterprise image with neat and powerful energy.

The conference also deployed such key works as the strategic cooperation agreement to be signed by new China Minmetals, relevant local governments, central enterprises and local backbone state-owned enterprises, enterprise integration and forging an RMB 100 billion internal market. Every department head of the Group’s Headquarters and offices attended the conference.

President Guo Wenqing delivers an important speech

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