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Zhang Zhaoxiang Visits CRIBC Experts
CopyFrom:MCC Date:24 January 2017
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On January 23rd, as the Spring Festival approached, MCC Group General Manager and MCC Party Secretary Zhang Zhaoxiang and his delegation visited national advanced worker Wang Tiemeng and national model worker Yin Song to give them sincere greetings and Spring Festival blessings on behalf of the MCC Group.

Zhang Zhaoxiang and his delegation visited Wang Tiemeng’s home and saw various files on a long table. At the age of 86, Wang Tiemeng still collates data and continues to offer suggestions for the development of CRIBC. Zhang Zhaoxiang asked about his health and living conditions, then admired and complimented him after learning that he is still giving lessons outside and attending academic activities. Wang Tiemeng is a famous ‘crack’ expert. When he was young, he devoted himself to the construction of Baosteel, engaged in national forefront technical services for a long time, and creatively solved the technical problems of many projects. Although Wang Tiemeng is 86 years old, he is still healthy, vigorous and conversable. He has continued to pay close attention to the scientific research schedule and development of MCC after his retirement. His professional dedication is admirable.

Later, Zhang Zhaoxiang and his delegation visited national model worker Yin Song’s home. Zhang Zhaoxiang asked about his living conditions, thanked him for his contributions to the MCC Group and expressed his hope that he would remain healthy and continue to pay attention to the future development of MCC. Yin Song was named an expert with outstanding contributions by the State Council. He engaged in the connecting research, production and business promotion of reinforcing bar machines, and created several pieces of internationally advanced reinforcing bar machine connecting technology. In their conversation, Yin Song thanked the leaders for visiting him even though he knew they were busy, and said he would continue to make contributions to the Group if he could.

Zhang Zhaoxiang pointed out that the MCC Group is a leading enterprise in technology innovation; technology is the highlight of the enterprise and the most important aspect of its continuous development. As a key technology research institute of MCC, CRIBC has made outstanding contributions to the science and technology development of the MCC Group. However, science and technology development must depend on the support and assistance of former experts. MCC intends to carry forward the spirit of conducting scientific research, and it is hoped that such experts will continue to support MCC and witness its growth.

The visit was attended by CRIBC Chairman Yue Qingrui, General Manager Zhu Jianguo, Discipline Inspection Committee Secretary Liu Qingqiang, MCC Group General Office Director Zeng Gang and Party Publicity Department Qi Dongping.



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