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Zhang Zhaoxiang Meets Taizhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Lan Shaomin
CopyFrom:MCC Date:17 December 2016
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On December 16th, China Minmetals Corporation Deputy General Manager  and MCC General Manager, Party Committee Secretary and Deputy Chairman Zhang Zhaoxiang met Taizhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Lan Shaomin. Both sides held talks in a cordial and friendly atmosphere, and exchanged opinions on strengthening their cooperation in such fields as large stadiums, municipal traffic infrastructure, environment and ecology construction, and scientific research bases.

Zhang Zhaoxiang welcomed the delegation led by Secretary Lan Shaomin and briefly introduced the historic evolution and development of MCC, pointing out that the Group applies itself to being the 'national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of capital construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the road of high-tech construction in the long term. Such fields as urban infrastructure, long span steel structure, large sports stadiums, underground comprehensive pipe galleries, sponge city technology, theme parks, sewage treatment and waste incineration have become MCC's mainstay businesses. MCC has taken the lead domestically by establishing 6 research institutes covering comprehensive pipe galleries, beautiful village & smart city technology, sponge city technology, theme parks, health preservation and water treatment. Now, MCC and the China Minmetals Corporation have succeeded in realizing the only domestic strategic recombination of two Fortune 500 Global Enterprises to date. The new China Minmetals Corporation devotes itself to creating China's metallic ore enterprise group. It is a state-owned asset investment pilot enterprise authorized by the State Council, and one of three central enterprises possessing complete financial licenses. Its resource allocation capacity and investment and financing capacity have increased by a large margin. Jiangsu is the regional market that MCC principally exploits. Many of the Group's subsidiaries have taken root to develop in Jiangsu and successfully completed a host of key projects. MCC will give full play to its strengths in technology, management, talents, funds and so on, carry forward its enterprise style of keeping promises and being hardheaded, strongly exploit the market of Taizhou and contribute power to the economic and social development of Taizhou City.

Lan Shaomin expressed his gratitude for the cordial interview of General Manager Zhang Zhaoxiang and briefly introduced the basic situation of Taizhou, pointing out that it is both an ancient and a young city. By virtue of its unique location advantages, favourable investment environment and correct industrial policies, Taizhou's economy has strong energy, good growth and huge development potential. Its GDP, fixed asset investment, foreign investment attraction and fiscal avenue rank in the forefront of Jiangsu Province. Now, Taizhou faces huge development opportunities; it has been authorized by the State Council as the only financial support transformation and upgrading pilot city nationwide. The Yangtze River Economic Zone Plan Outline takes Taizhou as the health industry concentration demonstration city. As a large central enterprise, MCC is the eldest son of the People's Republic of China. He hopes that both sides will enhance their communication and exchange, signs the strategic cooperation agreement and strengthen their cooperation in such fields as large sports stadiums, urban expressways and environment and ecology construction. He encourages MCC to build its scientific research bases in Taizhou. The Taizhou Municipal Party Committee and Government will provide strong support.

The meeting was attended by Taizhou City Deputy Mayor Yang Jie, Municipal Government Deputy Secretary General Li Longgen, Development & Reform Commission Director Zhang Xiaobing, Resident Office in Beijing Director Geng Xiaoli, MCC Vice President and General Accountant Zou Hongying, MCC Vice President Qu Yang, Investment Management Department Director Yang Kui, Domestic Market Development Department Director Zeng Jianzhong and so on.



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