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Zhang Mengxing Meets Delegation of Jianyang Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wang Hongbin
CopyFrom:MCC Date:19 December 2016
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On December 17th, MCC President Zhang Mengxing met the delegation led by Jianyang Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wang Hongbin. Both sides held a deep exchange and reached a consensus on reinforcing cooperation in such fields as municipal infrastructure, airport parks, rail transit, expressways and the environmental protection industry.

Zhang Mengxing welcomed Secretary Wang Hongbin and briefly introduced the basic situation of MCC, pointing out that MCC applies itself to being the 'national team of metallurgy construction, the main force of capital construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the road of high-tech construction in the long term'. In the field of metallurgical construction, it has undertaken over 90% of domestic metallurgical construction work and over 60% of metallurgical construction work worldwide. It was praised by State Councilor Wang Yong as a 'national team worthy of the name'. In the field of capital construction, MCC possesses solid intelligence power; its has 10 'double top' qualified enterprises and 2 'triple top' qualified enterprises, ranking 1st nationwide. It has completed numerous key projects with high quality at home and abroad, including expressways, bridges, airports and rail transit. In the field of emerging industries, MCC has taken the lead domestically by establishing 6 research institutes covering comprehensive pipe galleries, beautiful village & smart city technology, sponge city technology, theme parks, health preservation and water treatment. It has established the first domestic professional pipe gallery company and the first domestic hundred-billion-level urban comprehensive pipe gallery industry fund. MCC has also succeeded in setting foot in the environmental protection field, and it owns patented advanced water system treatment technology with full intellectual property rights, and a sewage treatment capacity of 4 million tons per day. Furthermore, MCC has succeeded in designing the first domestic waste incineration power plant. A few days ago, MCC subsidiary China ENFI was evaluated as an Industrial Energy Conservation and Green Development Evaluation Center by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. When MCC carries out its transformation and upgrading, it pays special attention to technical innovation. The MCC Group currently has 17 national-level research and development centers and key laboratories, and over 18,000 patents in force, ranking 4th among central enterprises. It has also assumed responsibility for the formulation of 155 items for national standards.

Zhang Mengxing emphasized that MCC pays close attention to the exploitation of the regional market of Sichuan. A number of its subsidiaries have taken root in Sichuan to develop, and have succeeded in finishing many significant projects including the Chengdu Shuangliu Airport No. 2 Terminal Building and the New No. 2 Elevated Ring Road. MCC will make full use of its advantages in funds, technology, management and so on to strengthen cooperation in such fields as municipal infrastructure, airport parks, rail transit, expressways and the environmental protection industry, and make contributions to the economic and social development of Jianyang City according to the simple yet profound MCC spirit 'Never delaying and never slacking'.

Wang Hongbin thanked President Zhang Mengxing for his warm reception and spoke highly of the performance MCC has achieved through its transformative development in recent years. He then pointed out that the comprehensive economic strength of Jianyang City ranks 14th in Sichuan Province. At present, Jiangyang is pursuing the goal of 'Build Tianfu New Area and Sprint Towards Entering the Top 10 in the Entire Province', comprehensively advancing such key work as industrial support and problem solving in urban construction, traffic breakthrough, land security and the investment & financing system, and sustaining the healthy and rapid development of the economy and society. He stressed that Chengdu is currently conducting city center construction. The site selection of Tianfu International Airport is located in Jianyang, and the construction of Tianfu New Area also includes Jianyang. The next step of traffic and municipal construction, which includes urban subways and expressways, will soon be launched, and Jianyang faces an unprecedented development opportunity. Wang Hongbin said that he welcomes the MCC's participation in the grand development and construction of Jianyang City. He hopes that both sides will strengthen their communication and exchange, and deepen their strategic cooperation in such fields as municipal traffic, high-end housing construction, industrial park development and environment ecology construction.

The meeting was attended by Jianyang Standing Committee Member and Office Director Li Jianjun, Finance Bureau Director An Chongwei, Traffic Bureau Director Liu Degui, Investment Promotion Bureau Director Han Chunjian, Economic Development Zone Party Working Committee Secretary Xie Ning, Investment Promotion Deputy Director Guo Hongbin, CFMCC Chairman Song Zhanjiang, MCC Investment Department Director Yang Kui, Market Development Director Zeng Jianzhong, Funds Department Deputy Director Ye Zhixiang, CFMCC Deputy General Manager Tian Guoqing, MCC South China Deputy General Manager Xu Bing and others.



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