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Zhang Mengxing Attends Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony Between Shenzhen Yantian District and MCC South China, and Unveils Nameplate of MCC South China Construction Investment
CopyFrom:MCC Date:14 December 2016
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On December 12th, Zhang Mengxing attended a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony between Shenzhen Yantian District and MCC South China, and unveiled the nameplate of MCC South China Construction Investment Co., Ltd. withShenzhen City Yantian DistrictCommittee Secretary Du Ling. Zhang Mengxing and Du Ling respectively gave speechesat the ceremony.

In his speech, Zhang Mengxing pointed out that as the first special economic zone in China, Shenzhen has been an exemplary demonstration zone which has made great contributions to China'sreform and opening-up policies and modern construction with its innovative development practicesover more than 30 years.It has become one of the world's fastest growing and most economically vibrant city, created a miracle of global industrialization, urbanization and modernization, and is currently a modern international innovation city that creates and realizes dreams. Yantian District lies on Shenzhen's east frontier, near Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong. As a significant area connecting the west and east, Yantian District has unique location advantages in Shenzhen's East Strategy, as well as wide development space and prospects. The MCC Group devotes itself to being the national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of basic construction and pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the road of high-tech construction in the long term. In the four business sectors of general engineering contracting, real estate, equipment manufacturing and resource development, the MCC Group possesses soundly developed and fully reinforced science, technology and manpower. MCC South China Construction Investment Co., Ltd. is a new holding subsidiary established by  the MCC Group in the South China region that adapts to the new national economic development strategy, accelerates the transformation of the Group, shoulders the mission of coordination and participates in the investment and construction of major projects, thereby becoming an important representative of MCC in Shenzhen.

Zhang Mengxing pointed out that the MCC Group has a long cooperation history with Shenzhen. At the beginning of the foundation of Shenzhen, dispatched by the nation, MCC transferred an exploration unit, design unit and construction unit from CFMCC, MCC WISDRI and MCC WSGRI to support the construction of the City, and subsequently created multiple firsts and the famous Shenzhen Speed'. Shenzhen is also the MCC Group’s promised land. With the national 'Four Comprehensive' strategic layout, 'One Belt and One Road' is further promoted. In particular, the challenges and opportunities brought by the new round of reform and development in Shenzhen puts forward new and higher requirements for the cooperation of both sides. MCC South China Construction Investment Co., Ltd. is settling in Yantian District this time. Both sides have signed a cooperation agreement which is not only based on the implementation of the Shenzhen East Strategy and the development strategy of prior infrastructure construction, but also fits the MCC Group’s unique advantages and leading position in such industries as municipal transportation infrastructure, urban underground comprehensive pipeline galleries, sponge city and smart city technology, real estate, eco-environment engineering and so on. Once again, it shows the pursuit of excellent and sincere cooperation shared by both sides, as well as the mutual benefits and common dream of achieving a beautiful Shenzhen through new advantages and new actions. MCC South China Construction Investment Co., Ltd.will coordinate and integrate MCC’s internal and external resources, and give full play to its comprehensive advantages in such aspects as management, technology, manpower and capital. With its simple yet profound spirit of 'Never delaying and never slacking', high quality and high standard of 'MCC people forge the world with heart',the MCC Group will make great contributions to the sound and rapid development of Shenzhen City and Yantian District.

Du Ling pointed out that the MCC Group is a very big central enterprise, one of world's top 500 enterprises and an industry leader in such aspects as management, technology and manpower. MCC deploys its strength in the South China region, and will establish a regional headquarters in Yantian District, which fits the comprehensive development and implementation of the Shenzhen East Strategy in our district, and will greatly promote Shenzhen's east economic development, especially in Yantian. Our district is a 'small, exquisite and beautiful' coastal city and a bright 'city card'of Shenzhen's landscape. During the 13th Five-year Plan period, Yantianwill cling to such opportunities as lateral supply structure reform, the East Strategy and authority delegation in strong areas, insist on being innovation-driven, promote qualitative leaps and spare efforts to build a modernized and internationally advanced coastal city. The settling of MCC South China Construction Investment Co., Ltd.brings motivation and support for our district's qualitative developmental leap and further strengthens our confidence and determination in realize our expected goals. He hopes that MCC South China Construction Investment Co., Ltd. will take full advantage of the influence and driving force of the Group’s regional company, and fully participate in Yantian’s urban construction development in such fields as infrastructure construction, urban renewal and reconstruction, smart city operation and sponge city construction pursuant to the principles of 'a long-term view, mutual benefits, win-win cooperation and common development'. Our district will positively coordinate and solve the MCC South China Company’s problems in such aspects as the land use of the headquarters, manpower housing and support services, and fully undertake all kinds of security work.

The ceremony was attended by of Shenzhen Yantian District Committee Deputy Secretary and District Chief Wu Delin, District Standing Committee Member and Deputy Vice District Chief Shi Weigan, District Standing Committee Member and District Standing Committee (District Government)Office Director Wang Kun, District Standing Committee (District Government)Office Executive Deputy Director Jia Huayue, Development and Reform Bureau Director Jiang Tao, Economic Promotion Bureau Director Chen Xiaowu, Finance Bureau Director Zheng Gang, Housing and Construction Bureau Director Zhang Zhikui, Environmental Protection and Water Affairs Bureau Director Zhou Zhiwen, Urban Management Bureau Director Chen Wensheng, Works Bureau Director Wang Shikui, Renewal Bureau Director Yang Wu, Pre-Work Office Director Guo Jianzhong, Yantian Layout and Planning Bureau Section Chief Zhang Haifeng, Yantian Investment Company Manager Zhou Xiaoping, MCC Group Deputy Chief Engineer Wang Zhenzhi, MCC South China Construction Investment Co., Ltd.President Xu Yongfeng, Shanghai Baoye Group Vice Manager Hu Ying, MCC Real Estate Vice President Wang Xinming, and MCC South China Construction Investment Co., Ltd.Vice Managers Xu Bing, Jin Fengmei and Wang Chongyun.


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