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Zhang Mengxing Attends Signing Ceremony of Sino-Papua New Guinea Comprehensive Industrial Park Project in Shenzhen
CopyFrom:MCC Date:14 December 2016
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On December 12th, MCC President Zhang Mengxing attended the signing ceremony of the Sino-Papua New GuineaComprehensive Industrial Park Project in Shenzhen,at which International Engineering Co., Ltd. signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement of Sino-Papua New Guinea Comprehensive Industrial Park Project with Shenzhen Hui Hua Feng De Investment Holdings Limited, and the Independent State Government of Papua New Guinea and Sandaun Provincial Government signed the Cooperation Memorandum of Sino-Papua New Guinea Comprehensive Industrial Park Project with Shenzhen Hui Hua Feng De Investment Holdings Limited. Speeches were made by Zhang Mengxing, Shenzhen Hui Hua Feng De Chairman Li Mu, Sandaun Governor Anka Mai and Papua New Guinea National Treasury Minister Patrick Pruaitch.

Zhang Mengxing pointed out that the MCC Group has a long cooperation history and deep friendship with Shenzhen and the Papua New Guinea Government. Since the 1980s, the initial stage of reform and opening-up, MCC was involved in the construction of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, and created the famous 'Shenzhen Speed'. Over more than 30 years, deeply rooted in this energetic city, MCC obtained the support and assistance of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Government, and signed a milestone strategic cooperation agreement last November by virtue of its powerful whole industrial chain advantagesincluding reconnaissance, design, construction and so on. As one of the first Chinese enterprises to enter Papua New Guinea,as well as one of the enterprises with the largest investment in the country, the MCC Group has worked with the Papua New GuineaGovernment for more than 10 years. The RMB 12.3 billion Ramu Nico Project in Papua New Guineais the largest Chinese investment in the SouthPacific Region. It obtained the great support of Papua New Guinea’s government at all levels, became a beautiful landscape ofMadangProvince and has been greatly praised inall circles.

Zhang Mengxing stressed that it is the sublimation of the previous cooperation friendship and an important opportunity for promoting win-win results that the MCC Group should meet two long-term strategic cooperation partners travelling from afar in Shenzhen, and witness the signing ceremony of the Sino-Papua New Guinea Comprehensive Industrial Park Project and the new cooperation between the Papua New Guinea Government, Hui Hua Feng De and MCC.The MCC Group will give full play to its comprehensive advantages in management, technology, talents and capital, work with Hui Hua Feng De to quickly boost the construction of the project, and make it a 'symbol' and 'mark' of Sino-Papua New Guinea friendship and friendly cooperation among the three partiesby virtue of MCC's rich technology, its experience gainedin the construction of industrial parks at home and abroad, and itshigh quality and standards; 'MCC people concentrate on building the world'.

Li Mu pointed out that under the guidance and great support of the Shenzhen Government, and the joint efforts and close coordination with its Papua New Guinea Partner the Tangyi Companyand other partners, the project is going well. In less than a year, they have completed the teach-in, birth certificate registration, confirmation of land rights, survey of resources, feasible development compilation and overall project planning, which is closely related to the great support that the above parties are giving to Shenzhen Hui Hua Feng De. They will use Chinese technology and capital advantages, combine the project area’s features to conduct comprehensive development, convert resources into welfare for the locals and fundamentally improve the lives of the people; they will also develop the relevantindustries of PapuaNew Guinea, totally improve local transportation, electric power, communication, education, medical treatment and sanitation, create alarge number of employment opportunities and fiscal revenue for the local people, and promote deep cooperation and communication between China and PapuaNew Guinea.

Anka Mai pointed out that the industrial park is new for Papua New Guinea, the success of the project is attributed to everyone’s efforts on the site and they should continue to work together to ensure the success of the project. He said to the investors that the Sandaun Government is ready to provide all necessary assistance to ensure the success of the project.

Patrick Pruaitch said that the signing ceremony is a milestone which highlights the promotional efforts of Hui Hua Feng De Investment Holding Limited. Hui Hua Feng De worked with potential investors like MCC, the Federal Government, the Sandaun Government and local landlords to build close cooperation. The development and future operation of the industrial park will benefit the local government and landlords. The park represented our hopes, dreams and prospects,and we must work together to complete the project, leave an eternal legacy and tell the world that the friendship between China and Papua New Guinea will last forever.

Located in Sandaun on the border between Northwest Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, this project covers a total area of 7,800km2 and a potential developable forest area of about 7,500km2, and is listed in the Sandaun Forest Development Plan. Based on the rich forestry, fishery and tropical agricultural resources, as well as the preferential policies of Papua New Guinea, a comprehensive-development industrial park focusing on agriculture and forestry and combining multiple industries will be built on the template of the Vanimo Free Trade Zone in Sandaun.

Before the signing ceremony, Shenzhen Vice Mayor Ai Xuefeng met with the main members of the National Treasury Minister Regiment, Sandaun Governor Regiment, MCC and Hui Hua Feng De.

The ceremony was attended by Papua New Guinea Sandaun Chief Executive Henry Norman, Papua New Guinea Embassy in China Ambassador Christopher Mero, Papua New Guinea Embassy in China Envoy Vince Samuel, Shenzhen Government Secretary General Li Yanzhong, Vice Secretary General Li Xinwei and MCC International General Manager Fan Jintian.



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