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Qu Yang Attends Blue Book Conference of China MCC Health-Nourishing Industrial Technology and Water Environment Treatment Technology Development Reports
CopyFrom:MCC Date:13 December 2016
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In the morning of December 12th, the blue book press conference of China MCC Health-Nourishing Industrial Technology Development Report and China MCC Water Environment Treatment Technology Development Report was held in Ma’anshan City, Anhui Province. China MCC Deputy President Qu Yang and Ma’anshan Deputy Mayor Ma Shaohua attended the conference and delivered important speeches.

Qu Yang gave his full affirmation to the working ideas and development direction of the China MCC Health-Nourishing Institute of Technology and China MCC Institute of Technology for Water Environment Treatment, and pointed out that these two blue books not only represents the crystallization of the wisdom and sweat of the scientific researchers of the two institutes, but also the MCC Group'simportant achievements of industrial upgrading and innovation-driven development. Taking the opportunity of the blue book press conference, we should continue to carry forward the simple yet profoundMCC spirit of ‘Never delaying and never slacking' so as to make it become a beautiful business card for the MCC Group in the field of health nourishment and the water environment industrial market with continuous exploitation and innovation, as well asitscourageous struggle.

Qu Yang then put forward five requirements for further promoting rapid development and leading the industry of the two technology institutes. First, pay close attention to national, industrial and local industrial policies; scientifically study and judge new trends and new conditions in relevant areas; aim at breaches and main directions; strive to overcome core and key technologies; and try to occupy the technical commanding heights. Second, give full play to the leading role of scientific and technological innovation in the market so as to make it the new engine and energy of enterprise development upgrading, and form a benign interaction between the market and scientific and technological innovation. Third, quickly establish the technical system and standard system of the water environment treatment and health-nourishing fields; strive to provide professional, comprehensive and one-stop services and all-round solutions; forge whole industrial chain and all-around integration capacity; and further enhance core competencies and market share. Fourth, actively undertake the corresponding social responsibility ofa central enterprise; help the government and associations to carry out technical innovation systems based on energy conservation, environmental protection and the health-nourishing industry; construct and improve public service systems and provide good-quality engineering design and technical consultationfor societyand enterprises. Fifth, make full use of the MCC Group’s advantages in energy conservation, environmental protection, green building and smart city technology based on the technical development of water environment treatment and health-nourishing, and strongly promote the research and application of all-around and all-area ecological, green and intelligent technology.

Ma Shaohuapointed outthat the issuing of these blue books fully reveals the technical strength and source integration capability of the high-end research and development platform of China MCC’s two institutes of technology. He hopes that MCC Huatianwill positively operate in bothindustrial fields, quickens theirdevelopment process, rely on core technology, shoulder the major responsibility of being a pacesetter in the fields of health-nourishment and water environmentmanagement, and build an international engineering company with comprehensive competitive advantages.

MCC Huatian President Kang Chengye said that the China MCC Institute of Technology of Health-Nourishing Industry and China MCC Institute of Water Environment Technology will continue to give full play to its function of technological guidance and services, and continuously improve the MCC Group’s core technology and market share in the fields of the health-nourishing industry and water environmentmanagement. Relying on its powerful scientific and technological strength, it will provide powerful energy for being a pacesetter and bellwether of thehealth-nourishing industry and ecological civilization. It will boost the prosperous development of MCC’s emerging industries tohelp realize the goal of building ‘Healthy China, Beautiful China’ with amore active attitude and behavior.

During the conference, World Health Care Tourism Federation Vice Chairman& China Medical Health Tourism Association President JiaXiaofangand China Environmental Protection Industry Association Vice President Liu Qifengrespectively delivered keynote speeches in which theyanalyzed the status quo, development direction and prospects of the health-nourishing industry and water environment management industry, spoke highly of the development situations and trends of China MCC’s two technologies in the two industries, and put forward instructive suggestions.

This conference interpreted China MCC’s development orientation and strategic layout in the health-nourishing industry and water environment management industry to society. Standing at the height of each industry, it clearly put forward development ideas and countermeasures for the technology of thetwo industrial fields, thereby playing an important role in further improving China MCC’s brand influence and technology advancementin the health-nourishing industry and water environment management industry, seizing the first chance of the industrial market, fulfilling its social responsibility as a central enterprise, serving people’s livelihood and well-being, and promoting economic development.

The conference was attended by MCC Group Assistant General Manager & MCC Real Estate Group President Liu Fuming, MCC17 Group General Manager Liu Anyi, Shanghai MCC Hospital Director Zhang Jianguo, MCC Huatian Deputy General Managers Li Huiying and Zhan Maohua, MCC Group Ministry of Science and Technology Deputy Director GuoWencai, Shenzhen Water Group Deputy General Manager Yang Xiaowen, Baotou Water Group President Ma Li, experts and scholars in relevant areas, people.com.cn, China.com.cn, Beijing Review, China Enterprise News and China Environment News, as well as media and reporters from Anhui Province and Ma’anshan City.



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