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Wang Shilei Visits Henan Standing Provincial Party Committee Member and Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Ma Yi
CopyFrom:MCC Date:13 December 2016
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On December 8th, MCC Standing Party Committee Member and Vice President Wang Shilei called on Henan Standing Provincial Party Committee Member and Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Ma Yi in Zhengzhou. Both sides conducted a deep communication on the common promotion of primary land development in Zhengzhou City, the overall development of areas regarding forging historical and cultural ancient towns as a carrier, large-scale stadium construction and so on, and reached a consensus on deep cooperation.

Wang Shilei first expressed his thanks for the strong support of MCC provided by the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government for many years,then briefly introduced MCC's four business platforms and strategic transformation. He pointed out that MCC is the world's biggest and strongest metallurgy construction contractor and metallurgy enterprise operation service provider, and the steel structure production enterprise with the largest capacity in China.MCC takes being the 'national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of capital construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the road of high-tech construction in the long term' as its new strategic positioning. It has succeeded in its transformation, and municipal transportation infrastructure, real estate development, area development, large stadiums, environmental projects, urban underground comprehensive pipe galleries and so on have become the new backbone businesses of the Group. In 2016, MCC was honoredas a 2015 A-level Enterprise in the Central Enterprise Principals' Operation Performance Assessment,and ranked 290th in the ranking of the 'Fortune 500 Enterprises'.

Wang Shileipointed out that MCC and Henan Province have a good cooperation foundation and a long-standingfriendship. On August 1st, 2010, MCC Group and Henan Province People’s Government signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. On November 5th, 2013, both sides signed an agreement to deepen their strategic cooperation. MCC also paysclose attention to Zhengzhou City's hub status and centre status as the provincial capital of Henan Province and a core city of the Central Plains Economic Zone. In recent years, it has invested nearly RMB 20 billion in Zhengzhou. Both sides have achieved favourable effects.For the next step, both sides will take such projects as the primary land development and arrangement of four villages in the northern area of Zhongyuan District in Zhengzhou City, the Huiji District Grand Canal Water System Culture and Leisure Belt (Guxing Township Regional Development) Project and four large central stadiums as support, promote communication between both sides and exchange and sign a strategic cooperation agreement. MCC will further implement the spirit of Chairman GuoWenqing's instructionsconcerning deepening and generating the regional market, strengthen strategic cooperation relations with Henan Province and Zhengzhou City, and actively make more contributions to the economic and social development of Zhengzhou.

Ma Yi welcomed Wang Shilei and briefly introduced Zhengzhou City's progress in actively graspingsignificant national strategic opportunities and exerting itself to build 'one hub, one portal, one base and four centers'. He looks forward to meeting with Chairman GuoWenqingsoon and hopes that MCC will continue to give full play to its strengths in such fields as talents, technology, management and funds, strengthen the strategic cooperation, participatecompletely in the economic construction of Zhengzhou City and make more contributions to forging Zhengzhou into a nationwide regional center city.

Afterwards, Wang Shilei called on Zhengzhou Urban Construction Group Investment Co., Ltd. Chairman Liang Yuansen. Both sides communicated deeply on such topicsas primary land development and arrangements, area development, fabricated residences and so on, and reached a consensus for promoting the concrete work of the next step.

The meeting was attended by Zhengzhou Municipal Standing Deputy Secretary General Jiang Xianzhao, Zhengzhou Urban Construction Group Investment Co., Ltd. General Manager XueSongsen, Shanghai Baoye General Manager Bai Xiaohu, MCC Domestic Market Development Department Deputy DirectorDuanMeiliangand others.



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