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Delegation Led by Zhang Mengxing Visits Qatar
CopyFrom:MCC Date:12 December 2016
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On December 7th, a delegation led by MCC President and MCC International Chairman Zhang Mengxing visited Qatar and called on Qatar Prime Minister and Home Secretary Abdullah and Qatar National Human Rights Committee Chairman Ali at the Qatar Ministry of the Interior accompanied by Chinese Ambassador to Qatar Li Chen. Both sides conducted deep communication concerning MCC's participation in various fields including the construction of Qatar's infrastructure and World Cup stadiums, and eventually reached a consensus.

At the meeting, Ambassador Li Chen actively assessed Sino-Qatar bilateral relations, introduced the three units participating in the meeting - MCC, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (referred to as ICBC) and Sino Sure - and expressed eager anticipation for conducting close cooperation with Qatar and promoting the continuous deep development of friendly cooperation in the field of construction engineering.

Zhang Mengxing introduced the basic situation of MCC and pointed out that three of China's state-owned enterprises forming an alliance of giants hope to take part in the country's next round of economic development. As a responsible enterprise, MCC will earnestly complete every project it is tasked with in Qatar. MCC Middle East Branch Company General Manager Ma Xiaohua made a demonstration of MCC's performance, pointing out that MCC is a super-huge multi-field transnational enterprise group, a central enterprise that takes the general contracting of projects, real estate development, equipment manufacturing and resource development as its main businesses, and the world's largest service provider of metallurgical engineering design, construction and operation, accounting for 60% of the market share in the metallurgical market of the whole world. MCC also possesses the professional advantages of a complete industrial chain and rich experience in the design and construction of steel structure, stadiums, infrastructure, urban development and so on. In 2016, MCC ranked 290th in the Fortune Global 500 Enterprises and 8th in the ranking of Global Contractor Top 500 issued by ENR. It is also an enterprise currently listed in Shanghai and Hong Kong. At present, MCC is strongly developing its overseas businesses, which have spread to 49 nations worldwide.

Prime Minister of Qatar Mr. Abdullah warmly welcomed the delegation led by Zhang Mengxing and expressed that he is very pleased for the chance to get to know the MCC Group. Prime Minister Abdullah highly affirmed MCC's strength, and pointed out that Qatar is willing to carry out cooperation on various projects with the team made up of MCC, ICBC and Sino Sure, and will soon organize the principals of various relevant departments to further deeply discuss matters of cooperation.

Before calling on the Prime Minister, the delegation led by Zhang Mengxing first called on Chinese Ambassador to Qatar Li Chen at the Qatar Ministry of Interior. Both sides conducted a cordial and friendly communication and exchanged their opinions on such matters as developing the market in Qatar. Zhang Mengxing introduced Ambassador Li Chen to several situations including MCC's business range, technical strength and market ranking, and the work plan for the team composed of MCC, ICBC and Sino Sure to enter the Qatari market and take Qatar as its key promotion market. Ambassador Li Chen welcomed the delegation led by Chairman Zhang Mengxing and gave his full approval of MCC's strength. He then expressed that cooperation with Qatar on infrastructure construction, stadium construction and so on has broad prospects and huge potential. The Embassy will spare no efforts to conduct coordination in various aspects in order to help the Chinese enterprises accelerate their development in Qatar.

On December 8th, the delegation led by Zhang Mengxing along with ICBC and Sino Sure held a meeting with the related principals of various departments such as the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Municipal and Urban Planning, Ministry of Public Utilities, Ministry of Finance and Stadium Committee of Qatar and the Qatar Development Bank, discussed the overall structure of cooperation between the Chinese team and Qatar, gained a deep understanding of MCC's performance in various fields and its experience of projects in the Middle East, and conducted a deep discussion concerning the basic structure and planning for the Chinese team's participation in the construction of various fields including Qatar's infrastructure and World Cup stadiums.

The meeting was attended by ICBC Special Financing Department Deputy General Manager Liu Jianchang, ICBC Doha Branch General Manager Zheng Chunyi, Sino Sure Yunnan Branch Company Party Committee Secretary and General Manager Lin Bin, MCC Middle East Branch Company General Manager Ma Xiaohua and so on.

Zhang Mengxing meets Prime Minister of Qatar and Human Rights Committee Chairman

Zhang Mengxing and Prime Minister of Qatar Abdullah

MCC, ICBC and Sino Sure hold talks with the principals of relevant departments of Qatar

The leaders of MCC, ICBC, Sino Sure and the Embassy



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