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Delegation Led by Guo Wenqing Investigates and Surveys North China Aluminium
CopyFrom:MCC Date:05 December 2016
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On December 2nd, China MCC General Manager & Party Group Deputy Secretary and MCC Chairman & Party Committee Secretary Guo Wenqing visited China Minmetals International's North China Aluminium Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "North China Aluminum") to conduct an investigation and survey, went deep into the production plants to learn about the enterprise's operation, held an informal discussion with the Party and political body of North China Aluminium, and proposed instructions for the work of the next step. The investigation and survey were accompanied by MCC Party Group Deputy Secretary & Deputy General Manager Dong Mingjun and Deputy General Manager & Party Group Member Jiao Jian.

In the afternoon, the delegation led by Guo Wenqing successively inspected the production sites of North China Aluminium's Casting Rolling Business Division, Plate and Strip Business Division, Aluminium Foil Business Division, Proximate Matter Business Division and Zhuoshen Co., Ltd., and learned about their main products, manufacturing techniques, site management, marketing, coordination with MCC and so on. Afterwards, the delegation held an informal discussion with the Party and political bodies of North China Aluminium. At the meeting, North China Aluminium General Manager and Party Committee Secretary Tang Xiaojin reported on the company's development history, main businesses, development plans, measures for getting out of the red and Party construction. Guo Wenqing understood them in detail one by one and held a cordial exchange with the leaders and cadres of North China Aluminium who attended the meeting.

In terms of the next step's work for North China Aluminium, Guo Wenqing then proposed four requirements:

First, walk the road of high-tech development. It is necessary to aim at the high-end market, strongly complete the double zero aluminium foil and battery foil that have development prospects, and make them the leading and core products that North China Aluminium pays attention to. It is necessary to accelerate the implementation of the Battery Foil Expansion Project so as to enlarge battery foil capacity. It is necessary to enhance scientific and technological research and development, research and develop mostly high-end and highly-profitable products, and maintain the technological leading advantage of North China Aluminium.

Second, make the market positioning concise and create the ability to emphasize the market. It is necessary to make the market positioning accurate, spare no efforts to emphasize the market and most importantly scramble for big and powerful customers, occupy the market rapidly, expand the market share and win customer acceptance. It is necessary to exploit management concepts, take a broad view of the whole of China Minmetals, make good use of the interior market flexibly and actively discuss the feasibility of the installation and processing of such products as top grade doors and windows.

Third, finish fundamental management. Cost is competence. It is necessary to benchmark the advanced level of the industry, conduct total cost accounting, calculate every account carefully and strictly control every cost. Meanwhile, it is necessary to compress redundant staff and reduce labor costs. China Minmetals International should help North China Aluminium to speed up the vitalization of its idle assets, put forward measures for improving the asset structure of North China Aluminium and rapidly recover the 'hemopoiesis' capacity of the enterprise.

Fourth, strengthen leading body construction. The leading body should unite and have full spirits. They should be positive, dedicated, responsible and conscientious, leading the lower level by the higher level. The general manager should possess driving power, dare to pay attention to, manage and grasp the 'key minorities' among leaders and cadres, and manage strictly.

Finally, Guo Wenqing stressed that as one of the four original big aluminium processing plants in China, North China Aluminium has rich experience in production and management, and clear technological and talent advantages, by which it once created glories. In the last two years, affected by the exterior environment and market competition, the enterprise's profits have declined by a large margin. He hopes that North China Aluminium will dare to be responsible and face its difficulties, fully carry forward the fighting spirit of 'Never delaying and never slacking, strive to stop the losses and get out of the red, experience a full revival and contribute to making the new China Minmetals become a 'First in China and First-class in the World' metallic ore enterprise group.

During his investigation and survey in Zhuozhou, Guo Wenqing also held talks with Zhuozhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wang Yueheng and Mayor Wang Yanqing. Both sides deeply exchanged opinions on further expanding and deepening their cooperation. The meeting was also attended by Dong Mingjun and Jiao Jian.

Guo Wenqing expressed his thanks for the strong support given to MCC by the Zhuozhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to its businesses in Zhuozhou. He explained that China Minmetals and its subordinate China Minmetals International are repositioning North China Aluminium. The future development prospects of North China Aluminium are bright. He hopes that the Zhuozhou Municipal Party Committee and Government will go on supporting the reform and development of North China Aluminium and help it revive, thereby better serving local economic and social development. Wang Yueheng expressed his gratitude for the contributions made by North China Aluminium to Zhuozhou's economic and social development, and pointed out that the Zhuozhou Municipal Party Committee and Government pay close attention to the reform and development of North China Aluminium. He hopes that it will succeed in realizing its transformation and upgrading, and that China Minmetals will further expand its investment strength in Zhuozhou. The Municipal Party Committee and Government will create a favourable environment and provide policy support.

The meeting, investigation and survey were attended by China Minmetals International General Manager Gao Xiaoyu, Deputy General Manager Li Liangang and so on.

Guo Wenqing inspects North China Aluminium's production plants

Guo Wenqing learns about the operation of North China Aluminium

Guo Wenqing proposes instructions for the work of North China Aluminium

Guo Wenqing holds an informal meeting with the Party and political bodies of North China Aluminium

The delegation led by Guo Wenqing and the leading body of North China Aluminium

Guo Wenqing and Wang Yueheng holds cordial talks

Guo Wenqing with such leaders as Wang Yueheng and Wang Yanqing



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