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Guo Wenqing Attends Series of Events at which President Xi Jinping is Present in Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Meeting and Visit to Peru
CopyFrom:MCC Date:28 November 2016
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On November 18th, Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the 24th Informal APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting on the invitation of Peruvian President Kuczynski, and visited Peru. China Minmetals Corporation General Manager & Party Group Deputy Secretary and MCC Chairman & Party Committee Secretary Guo Wenqing attended the relevant series of events. Xi Jinping attended the 24thd the 24th ness institutions.agement normalization, legal training professionalization and

In the morning on 19th, the APEC CEO Summit was held at the Peruvian Grand National Theatre. President Xi Jinping was invited to attend and made a keynote speech entitled 'Deepening Partnership' and themed on enhancing the motive force of development. President Xi Jinping mentioned in his speech that the Asia-Pacific region should have the effect of undertaking and leading the opening up of new roads as the most dynamic area of development. First, we should promote economic integration and build an open economy. Second, we should promote interconnection and achieve interactive development. Third, we should facilitate reform and innovation, and strengthen endogenous power. Fourth, we should facilitate cooperation and win-win results, and deepen partnerships.

In the morning on November 21st, Guo Wenqing attended President Xi Jinping's interview with the representatives of China-invested enterprises in Peru, and took a group photo to mark the occasion. In the afternoon of November 21st, Guo Wenqing was invited to attend the welcome activity held for President Xi Jinping by President of the Peruvian Congress Salgado at the Peruvian Congress. Salgado welcomed Xi Jinping to the Congress, and awarded him with the highest grade of the medal of honor in the Peruvian Congress, the 'Grand Cross'. To warm applause, President Xi Jinping made an important speech entitled Set Sail on an Oceangoing Voyage, Create the Beautiful Future of Sino-Latin America Relations. In his speech, he stressed that China and Latin America should hold the flag of peaceful development and cooperation high, forge the vessel of a destined community of China and Latin-America, sincerely cooperate on the road of realizing the Chinese Dream and Latin American Dream, and promote a comprehensive Sino-Latin American cooperation partnership to realize development to a higher level. Xi Jinping pointed that Peru is China's 'neighborhood' in the opposite shore of the Pacific Ocean. In the 45 years since China and Peru first established diplomatic relations, both sides have been sincere and friendly, treated each other equally, carried out mutually beneficial cooperation and developed jointly. China and Peru are good brothers who trust each other, good partners for mutual development and good friends who commonly shoulder the responsibility. Peru will realize the fighting goal of a 'Fair, Just and United Peru' in 2021. At that time, Chinese people will build a moderately prosperous society overall and achieve the first goal in the fighting goal of 'Two Centenary Goals'. We will walk together shoulder to shoulder and realize our dreams by joining hands. After the speech, the audience on site applauded unceasingly. In the evening of November 21st, Guo Wenqing was invited to attend the welcome state banquet held for President Xi Jinping by Peruvian President Kuczynski.

On November 22nd, before leaving for home, Guo Wenqing inspected the Representative Office in the Latin America Region of the China Minmetals Corporation and Bambas Company. He cordially called on the dispatched personnel of the company and local staff, and took a group photo to mark the occasion. He encouraged everyone to reinforce their confidence, hold their positions, conduct intensive farming, make a difference and make contributions to realizing the China Minmetals Corporation becoming a metallic ore enterprise group which is 'First in China and first-class in the world'.

The above events were attended by China Minmetals Corporation Deputy General Manager and Party Group Member Jiao Jian, etc.

Guo Wenqing inspects the Representative Office in the Latin America Region of the China Minmetals Corporation

Guo Wenqing inspects the Bambas Company



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