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Wang Shilei Visits Harbin Mayor Song Xibin
CopyFrom:MCC Date:24 November 2016
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On November 22nd, MCC Vice President and Shanghai Baoye President Wang Shilei visited Harbin Mayor Song Xibin in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. In a cordial and friendly atmosphere, both parties held an exchange of views on further expanding the range of cooperative projects between government and enterprise.

Wang Shilei pointed out that the MCC Group is a large central enterprise with abundant capital strength and strong technical force, which will actively support the project progress of its subsidiary enterprise CTMCC in Harbin, building cooperative projects into excellent projects. In the earlier stages, on the basis of a consensus on deep cooperation between MCC and Harbin, he hopes that both parties will start with such projects as elderly health centers and urban underground pipe galleries, and further promote broader cooperation, thereby contributing to the new development of Harbin City.

Song Xibin pointed out that as the center and leader of the 'China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor' of the Longjiang Land-Sea Silk Road Economic Belt, Harbin City should take the lead in realizing development and comprehensively promoting China’s trade in Russia. MCC has long maintained a good partnership with Harbin City, and he hopes that the Group will fully exert its advantages, participate in Harbin’s urban construction and development, accelerate the projects under construction and create first-rate and internationally excellent projects for Harbin, thereby further improving the efficiency and quality of Harbin's infrastructure construction and realizing mutual development.

The meeting was attended by the leaders of the Harbin Municipal Committee and Government, CTMCC President Zhou Qing and others.



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