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Zhang Mengxing Meets Papua New Guinea Port Office President Nathaniel Poya OBE
CopyFrom:MCC Date:24 November 2016
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On November 23rd, MCC President Zhang Mengxing met Papua New Guinea Port Office President Nathaniel Poya OBE at MCC’s Headquarters in Beijing. In a cordial and friendly atmosphere, both parties held an exchange of opinions in terms of further strengthening cooperation in such fields as industrial parks, port construction, infrastructure, the environmental protection industry and more.

Zhang Mengxing welcomed President Nathaniel Poya OBE and expressed his gratitude for the strong support and help that the Papua New Guinea Government and people have offered the MCC Group. He then briefly introduced the basic information of MCC, pointing out that the Group was ranked 290th in the 'Fortune 500', and 8th in the 'Top 250 Contractors' in 2016. MCC is steadily developing such businesses as engineering contracting, real estate development, equipment manufacturing and resource development. With the new strategic positioning of being the 'national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of infrastructure construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the road of high-tech construction in the long term', it actively conducts transformation and upgrading, and has made significant breakthroughs in such fields as industrial park development, underground comprehensive pipe galleries, large integrated stadiums, theme parks, the environmental protection industry, high-end housing construction and municipal traffic construction. By combining real estate development with engineering contracting, the MCC Group developed Hengqin Island in Zhuhai, Guangdong from a sparsely-populated and desolate island into a new modern city area with high-rise buildings, complete infrastructure and boundless potential for development, thereby fully showing MCC’s comprehensive strength in high-end real estate development and infrastructure construction. MCC is vigorously developing its overseas businesses in 49 countries around the world. Ten years ago, it invested, constructed and operated the Ramu Nico Project, the biggest such project in Papua New Guinea, with a highly efficient production and marketing system, thereby establishing a good enterprise image and promoting local economic and social development. On the basis of the Ramu Nico Project, MCC hopes to carry on seeking new and broader cooperation with Papua New Guinea. It wishes to strengthen its communication and exchange with the Papua New Guinea Port Office, fully exert its technology, management and experience advantages, and strengthen cooperation in such fields as industrial parks, port and infrastructure construction and so on, thereby continuing to serve the Papua New Guinea Government and people. It is also hoped that the Papua New Guinea Government will support MCC’s development as always.

President Nathaniel Poya OBE thanked the MCC Group for its warm reception and pointed out that MCC’s Ramu Nico Project promotes the economic development of Papua New Guinea and improves the people’s livelihood, thereby establishing a deep friendship with MCC. After visiting Hengqin Island in Zhuhai, he deeply sensed MCC’s strength and achievements in infrastructure construction, as well as its important role in global infrastructure construction, and reported this to the Papua New Guinea Government President and Port Office Board when he returned. In the future, Papua New Guinea and the Chinese Government will conduct many cooperative projects, and the Papua New Guinea Government will greatly invest in such aspects as infrastructure, safety and health. The Port Office wishes to expand cooperation in such fields as park development, park infrastructure and the environmental protection industry, and it hopes that MCC will take root in the country, continue to benefit the people and build a better Papua New Guinea.

The meeting was attended by MCC International Group President Fan Jintian, MCC Overseas Engineering Management Department Director Xu Yongjie, MCC Ramu Nico Moresby Office Director Liang Dongqing and others.



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