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Wang Yongguang Inspects Quality and Safety Work of CMTCC Group
CopyFrom:MCC Date:15 December 2014
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Vice President Wang Yongguang of MCC conducted an investigation visit on the quality and safety work of MCC Tiangong Construction Group (CMTCC Group) on December 10, 2014. Chairman Zhang Peiyi, Vice General Manager Wang Zirui and Vice General Manager Wu Yanjun of CMTCC Group accompanied Wang during the visit.
Wang Yongguang and his delegation members listened to the report of quality and safety management work carried out by CMTCC Group in 2014. Wang gave full recognition to the perfect performance in this regard, and then put forward with six requirements for CMTCC Group: (i) to strictly comply with the newly promulgated Law on Production Safety, establish the "one position with two responsibilities" system and set up the whole-process production safety management mechanism; (ii) to lay emphasis on establishment of standard teamwork, promote the overall standardized operational level; (iii) to redouble efforts on team establishment for safety management, continuously enhance the qualification of the team members; (iv) to improve the emergency rescue and disposal capability; (v) to strengthen the safety training work, and enhance the training effect from three levels such as the project division, the functional department and the leading team; and (vi) to intensify endeavors on effective supervision of the sub-contractors.



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