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Guo Wenqing Welcomes Tianjin Officials
CopyFrom:MCC Date:15 December 2014
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Guo Wenqing, Chairman & President of MCC Group and Chairman & Party Secretary of MCC, met a visiting official delegation from Tianjin at MCC Headquarters in Beijing on December 8, 2014. The delegation was headed by Zong Guoying, Standing Member of CPC Tianjin Municipal Committee, Party Secretary of CPC Binhai New District Committee & Chief of Binhai New District Government. In a cordial and friendly atmosphere, both parties reviewed the friendship and the mutual cooperative history. In addition, they deeply exchanged views and reach a consensus on ways to further strengthening of cooperation in the future.
Guo Wenqing extended warm welcome to Zong Guoying and his delegation members, and then made a briefing on the corporate profile of MCC Group. According to Guo, thanks to the design and construction experiences of implementation of industrial projects in the past over five decades, MCC Group is capable for design and construction of civil works on a high standard and high quality basis. In accordance with the specifications of USA and the developed European countries, MCC Group has completed quite a few key projects, for instance, Universal Studios Sentosa and the Racecourse in Dubai. In a project invested by a famous employer in USA, MCC Group is recognized by its perfect performance of the cement surface, which is even more leveling than the surface of stainless steel and is deemed to be “as smooth as silk”. On this ground, the powerful strength in terms of design, construction and materials processing has been placed with high premium by the employer. In addition, the overall planning and development of new urban district has been established into another powerful strength of MCC Group, which has a history of several decades and many successful cases. Up to now, MCC Group has fulfilled the development of infrastructure in Hengqin Island of Zhuhai City, which is adjacent to Macao. Under this project, the previous uncultivated land has been built into a new urban district with charming environment and huge development potentials, and the most advanced underground comprehensive pipeline in China has been completed. In this view, it is popularized by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD) as an example in the whole country.
Guo added that, as one of the central enterprises, MCC Group shall provide services not only to the key construction projects of the state, but also to the local economic growth. CPC Secretary-General Xi Jinping has put forward two national strategies, namely the Integrated development Strategy for Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province, and the One Belt and One Road (OBAOR, which refers to the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road"). Now MCC Group has promptly started the study on its own advantages for active implementation of these two strategies. To this end, MCC Group has chosen Tianjin as the major foothold for execution of the Integrated development Strategy for Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province. At present, quite a few subsidiaries of MCC Group and their branches have been established in Tianjin, and 18 subsidiaries are undertaking various construction works in this city. Statistics shows that, the contract value of the large-sized construction works undertaken by MCC Group from January to September of this year amounted to RMB 40.4 billion yuan, ranking top among the central enterprises in Tianjin in terms of both investment volume and construction scale.
Guo mentioned that, Binhai New District is one of the National Pilot Zones for Overall Reform and National New Districts, which is endowed with unlimited opportunities for development. MCC Group will attach the top priority to the development of Binhai New District in Tianjin, which is regarded as the focus in the implementation of national strategy, and will hold specific meeting to deploy the development tasks in Binhai New District. Before the end of December 2014, MCC Group will register and establish a financing equipment leasing company in this District, and make integrated utilization of the resources such as large-sized shield tunneling machines and cranes for market exploration. In addition, the logistics trading platform will also be established in this area, so as to satisfy the logistics transportation demands of MCC Group for the overseas mineral resources and the equipment/materials of the overseas projects. Guo expected both parties to set up specific team for communication, strengthen exchanges of views, actively seek for appropriate collaborative ways, reach a consensus and sign the cooperative agreement on various projects such as the comprehensive culture center, the rail transportation, the overall development on both banks of Haihe River, the overall transformation and development of Tanggu District, as well as the overall development of the ecological city. For this purpose, MCC Group will make full play of its advantages and make contribution to the economic/social development of Binhai New District, and the establishment of the city’s brand.
Zong Guoying expressed gratitude to the hospitality extended by Chairman Guo Wenqing and the other heads of MCC Group. Then he made a briefing on the development situation of Binhai New District and Dongjiang Bonded Port Area, as well as the preferential policies granted by the State Government. He pointed out that, Binhai New District is full of opportunities. It is not only one of the concentrated areas in terms of the national strategy, but also a demonstrative area for both technical innovation and marine economy. It is featured by perfect transportation conditions and regional superiority, and the high-speed railway will be opened in this region in 2015. Thanks to the keen attention extended by the Party Central Committee, the State Council and Tianjin Municipal Government, Binhai New District enjoys a wide developing space, a batch of large-scale infrastructural construction works and  urban redevelopment works will be undertaken. Several projects will be commenced in this district, for example: (i) a cultural center with an area of over 300,000 square meters, which will be established into a landmark and a name-card of Binhai New District; (ii) transformation and beautification of both banks of Haihe River, which will be built into an ideal place in compliance with international standards for the leisure activities of the citizens; and (iii) the overall planning and development of Tanggu District, which will be turned into an international top-grade new urban district. As a matter of fact, since MCC Group has succeeded in business transformation from metallurgical industry, the government of Binhai New District is full of confidence on the design and construction competence of MCC Group. He expected MCC Group to make full play of its advantages, adopt various methods and actively participated in the development of Binhai New District.
Zong Guoying added that, by means of bringing into full play of the policy advantages for the special customs surveillance zone and the powerful comprehensive innovative capability, Dongjiang Bonded Port Area is capable of offering integrated services in terms of finance lease, trading settlement, commercial factoring and judicature, and has established itself into a leading pilot area for Chinese rental industry and one of the industrial concentration areas in China. As one of the worldwide Top 500 Giants, MCC Group is undertaking project all over the world, and has acquired a large amount of mineral resources. In this view, Zong suggested MCC Group to utilize the location and policy advantages of Binhai New District and Dongjiang Bonded Port Area, and establish its finance lease company and the trading logistics platform in Binhai New District.
Zong emphasized that, under the Integrated Development Strategy of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province, Binhai New District will surly witness a strategic development period. He wished both parties to master the opportunities, make further in-depth and wide collaboration in the fields of railway transportation, urban complex and infrastructure business. The government of Binhai New District will set up a specific team for communication with MCC Group and offering best quality services.
The relevant staff of both parties were present at the meeting.

Guo Wenqing talks with Zong Guoying

Guo Wenqing takes a photo with Zong Guoying

Guo Wenqing takes a photo with Zong Guoying


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