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Guo Wenqing Meets with Chairman & Party Secretary of Beijing Tourism Group
CopyFrom: Date:08 December 2014
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Guo Wenqing, Chairman & President of MCC Group and Chairman of MCC, met with the visiting delegation headed by Chairman Duan Qiang of Beijing Tourism Group in Beijing on December 4, 2014.
Guo made a brief review on the long cooperative history with Beijing Tourism Group and the latest development of MCC Group. According to Guo, MCC Group has the only one professional design institute of theme park in China, and is endowed with outstanding capability in manufacturing of steel structure (especially the irregularly shaped steel structure). In recent years, MCC Group cooperated with partners in some developed countries and built up quite a few large-sized theme park projects, for instance, Universal Studios Sentosa in Singapore. In this field, MCC Group made an essential promotion on the theme park design, raw materials and construction by utilizing resources made in China, and greatly reduced the construction costs for the theme parks. On this ground, the design and construction of theme park on an EPC basis have been established into one of MCC Group’s business with unique advantages. Now MCC Group has developed itself into the most professional contractor for design and construction of theme park. It has successfully finished the construction of Universal Studios Sentosa in Singapore, Changlong Ocean World in Zhuhai City of Guangdong Province. In addition, MCC Group now is undertaking the design and construction work in an EPC manner for the Theme park of Journey-to-the-West in Huai’an City of Jiangsu Province, which will fill the gap on the shortage of theme park with Chinese culture in the world.
Guo pointed out that, Beijing Tourism Group is one of the tourism service providers with the strongest strength in China. MCC Group and Beijing Tourism Group have established firm collaborative foundation and profound partnership. Through complementing each other's advantages and cooperation on a mutual benefit basis, both parties have made remarkable achievements. MCC Group is willing to continue to strengthening the communication and exchange with Beijing Tourism Group, and make joint efforts to support the healthy development of Hotel Nikko New Century Beijing. Meanwhile, MCC Group will designate the most excellent project managers and design/construction team to actively participate in the construction of Universal Studios Tongzhou which is invested by Beijing Tourism Group. On the other hand, MCC Group welcomes Beijing Tourism Group to take part in the projects contracted by MCC for development of infrastructure and tourism resort facilities. Basing upon this ground, Guo expected both parties to further expand the depth and width of the mutual cooperation, and jointly promote the scientific and healthy growth of both parties.
Duan Qiang made a briefing on the corporate profile of Beijing Tourism Group and the progress of Universal Studios Tongzhou Project in Beijing. Duan mentioned that, as the pioneer and constructor of Chinese steel industry, MCC Group possesses outstanding capability in design and construction works, and made remarkable progress in its transformation development in recent years. As a matter of fact, Beijing Tourism Group and MCC Group have established long-term friendly partnership. He expected both parties to redouble efforts in communication, conduct prompt exchanges between various professional teams, and enable MCC Group to participate in the preparation work for Tongzhou Project as soon as possible basing upon the technical support. Duan wished both parties to adopt appropriate ways to accelerate the project execution and realize common development on mutual benefit and win-win basis.
The relevant staff were present at the meeting.

Guo Wenqing talks with Duan Qiang

Both parties hold a meeting


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