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Guo Wenqing Welcomes Officials from Ministry of Transportation
CopyFrom:MCC Date:02 December 2014
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Guo Wenqing, Chairman & President of MCC Group and Chairman of MCC, met with Director-General Li Yanwu of Road Bureau of Ministry of Transportation at MCC Headquarters on November 26, 2014. In a cordial and friendship atmosphere, both parties conducted in-depth view-exchanges on the ways for mastering opportunities and promoting the development of transportation sector.
Guo expressed warm welcome to Li Yanwu and his delegation members, and then made a briefing on the history and the development situation of MCC Group. According to Guo, MCC Group has established itself into the worldwide largest contractor for metallurgical engineering and the service provider for the operation of metallurgical enterprises. MCC Group has acquired outstanding advantages in business of transportation sector, and obtained a bunch of design and construction qualifications for highway and bridge works. Moreover, it possesses the construction technologies and services for the whole industrial chain, and sufficient reserve of professional talents.
Guo mentioned that, MCC Group has played a key role in various period of the development of China. At the early stage after the reform and opening-up policies were adopted, quite a few subsidiaries of MCC Group participated in the development of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. MCC Group has hit a famous record of Shenzhen Speed, and completed the first expressway, the first flyover and the first high-rise building in Shenzhen. In the new historical period when the national is deepening reform, MCC Group completed a bunch of urban complex development and transportation projects in both China and foreign countries, and thus accumulated rich experiences. In overseas regions, it has completed the Expressway of Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo of Sri Lanka in EPC manner, which is known as the No. 1 Expressway at the National Gateway, and has been placed with a high premium by President Mahinda Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka. Now it has signed strategic cooperation agreement with the Transportation Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, further deepened the collaboration with local governments in the fields of transportation construction works, with a target to achieve common prosperity on a win-win basis.
Guo stated that, the domestic and international transportation construction industry is witnessing a fast growth at present. Among the foreign cooperation projects conducted by Chinese enterprises, many of them are transportation and infrastructure projects. In addition, China has worked out a huge highway and transportation development plan, as well as a series of development strategies on the new urbanization construction, the New Silk Route and the coastal economic circle. MCC Group will make full play of its advantages, redouble efforts in strategic deployment on transportation sector, and continuously make contribution to the construction of highway and transportation works in the whole country. Guo Wenqing expected the Road Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation to continue to extend concern towards MCC Group, and provide essential support to the business development of MCC in the transportation sector.
Li Yanwu expressed gratitude to the hospitality extended by Chairman Guo Wenqing, and spoke highly of the remarkable contribution made by MCC Group to the national highway and transportation sector. Then he made a briefing on the current development situation of the national highway and transportation sector, as well as the engineering qualification management situation in this field. Li added that, MCC Group is recognized by its wide platform, various channels, as well as outstanding capabilities in terms of financing, construction and resource recycling, therefore there is plenty of room for MCC Group to develop one's talents to the full in the transportation sector. He expected MCC Group to master the development opportunities in the new-round highway and transportation facility construction, make continuous enhancement of its professional capability and eventually realize the new breakthrough and achievements in its self-development. For this purpose, the Road Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation will spare no efforts in offering support and assistance.
The relevant leaders were present at the meeting

Guo Wenqing talks with Li Yanwu

Both parties hold a meeting

The group photo taken for all the leaders present at the meeting


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