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Guo Wenqing Meets Chen Renfu and his Entourage
CopyFrom:MCC Date:27 November 2014
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On November 21st, Guo Wenqing, the chairman of BOD of and general manager of MCC Group as well as chairman of BOD of MCC, met Chen Renfu, the member of the Party group of the government of Zhuhai, Guangdong Province and commander in chief of the headquarters of development of western regions in Zhuhai, and his entourage in the headquarters of MCC in Beijing. The two sides held the talk in a cordial and friendly atmosphere and exchanged in-depth views on how to promote development of the current projects and further to strengthen cooperation in future.
Expressing warm welcome to Chen Renfu and his entourage, who came to Beijing to visit MCC Group, Guo Wenqing noted that MCC Group had successfully completed development and construction of Hengqin Island in Zhuhai, as laid a solid foundation for the follow-up development of Zhuhai and the Hengqin new area, substantially improved the brand image of the Zhuhai city and demonstrated the exceptional abilities of design, implementation and construction. MCC Group and the governments at all levels of Zhuhai have established deep friendship and the Group has decided to take root in Zhuhai to make a contribution to development of Zhuhai, with the subsidiary of MCC in Guangdong, MCC International Investment Development Co, Ltd and the lease finance company, etc, established in this city.
Guo Wenqing said that as the globally largest metallurgical engineering contractor and service provider for the metallurgy industry, MCC Group has successfully established the competitive advantages in the fields of construction of high, precision and advanced engineering buildings, such as roads, urban complexes, super high-rise buildings, large-scale stadiums, big span steel structures and so on by rely on MCC’s complete industry chain services including reconnaissance , design, construction and supervision as well as the corresponding cost and management advantages. MCC Group has accumulated abundant experience thanks to successful completion of a variety of projects of overall development and construction of cities and roads at home and abroad. In the initial stage of the reform and opening up, many a subsidiary of MCC Group participated in development and construction of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and set the well-known “Shenzhen Speed”. Among the projects are construction of the first express way, the first overpass and the first high-rise building of Shenzhen. In addition, as the general contractor and constructor, the Group built the expressway for Colombo International Airport, which is called “the First Road of the gateway of Sri Lanka”, and was highly appraised by Mahinda Rajapaksa, president of Sri Lank.
Guo Wenqing noted that, on the basis of the previous good cooperation, MCC Group and the Zhuhai government and the headquarters of western region development for Zhuhai would strengthen communication and discuss appropriate cooperative methods. The two sides will make deep cooperation in terms of the overall development project in the western development zone of Zhuhai, the western expansion project for the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and the northern and western expansion project for the Qinglv road, etc in accordance with the relevant policies provided that the relevant risks are well controlled. 
Chen Renfu expressed thanks to the warm reception of Chairman Guowenqing and noted that MCC Group made great contributions to development and construction of the Hengqin island of Zhuhai and the governments at all levels and the people of Zhuhai felt very much indebted to MCC Group, which had deeply impressed the people of Zhuhai with its abundant strength and the work style featuring honesty, responsibility and focus on quality, and thus become one of the preferred central enterprises for the governments at all levels of Zhuhai. Thanks to the great contributions of MCC Group to Zhuhai and the Hengqin new area, Zhuhai City has tremendous development potential and promising future. He hoped that MCC Group would seize the opportunities and give full play to its own advantages to speed up progress of the current projects and further to strengthen the win-win cooperation of the two sides in future.

Guo Wenqing and Chen Yongfu hold the talk.

The Meeting Venue


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