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Xu Xiangchun Meets with Ambassador of Tanzania
CopyFrom:MCC Date:22 September 2014
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Vice President Xu Xiangchun of MCC Group met with Ambassador H.E. Abdulrahmanan A. Shimbo of Tanzania in China at MCC Headquarters on September 12, 2014. In a friendly and cordial atmosphere, both parties exchanged views and entered into agreement on the collaboration in the future.
Xu Xiangchun extended warm welcome to the visiting delegation of Tanzania, and made a briefing on the professional competence and core business sectors of MCC Group. According to Xu, as one of the large-sized central enterprises under administration by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of the State Council and one of the Fortune 500 giants of the globe, MCC Group has established quite a few subsidiaries in the whole world. MCC Group and its subsidiaries are well experienced and endowed with outstanding competence in the fields of metallurgical engineering contracting, mining resources development and infrastructure construction. MCC Group is quite familiar with the markets in Africa, and has conducted businesses in Algeria, Mauritania, Ethiopia, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Xu Xiangchun stated that, the mining resources development and the metallurgical engineering contracting are two core businesses of MCC Group, and the Group is willing to make contribution to the development of Tanzania.
Ambassador H.E. Abdulrahmanan A. Shimbo of Tanzania gave full recognition to the competence of MCC Group. He expressed gratitude to MCC Group for the hospitality, and made a introduction to the general information and the key investment fields of Tanzania. According to the Ambassador, Tanzania is endowed with rich resources of metallic ore and rare-earth metal (especially the resources of iron, nickel, copper, zinc, tin, platinum, niobium and sodium carbonate), with a huge investment and development potential.
At conclusion, both parties agreed to organize delegation for mutual visit and deepen understanding, with a target to establish a long-term stable partnership basing upon the specific projects.
The other attendees at the meeting included: General Manager Zhu Yonggui of MCC International Group; Brigadier General Masanja, Minister-Counselor Matilda Masuka and Counselor Edmund Kitokezi of Tanzanian Embassy in China.


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