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Guo Wenqing Welcomes Officials from Afghanistan
CopyFrom:MCC Date:22 September 2014
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Guo Wenqing, Chairman & President of MCC Group and Chairman & Party Secretary of MCC, met with a visiting delegation from Afghanistan at MCC Headquarters in Beijing on September 15, 2014. The delegation was headed by Mr. Mohammad Akbar Barekzai, Minister of Mines & Petroleum, and Mr. Mohammad Kabir Farahi, Ambassador of Afghanistan in China. Both parties conducted frank and in-depth communication and exchanged views on the project of mutual interest and the business exploration in the future.
At the outset, Guo Wenqing extended warm welcome to the Minister of Mines & Petroleum and the Ambassador of Afghanistan. He stated that, the project of mutual interest have attracted keen attention from the governments of both China and Afghanistan. MCC Group has been endeavoring to conquer the difficulties and promoting the project execution. As a matter, however, the security situation is not optimistic, the foundation and the objective conditions of the project implementation have also been changed. He expected both parties to keep efficient communication, make objective treatment of this matter and jointly resolve the existing huge difficulties. Guo also wished the Minister of Mines & Petroleum, the Ambassador and the other officials of Afghanistan to continue to offer more concern and support for this project.
Mr. Mohammad Akbar Barekzai, Minister of Mines & Petroleum, expressed gratitude to the hospitality extended by MCC Group. He emphasized that, the project of mutual interest enjoys a pivotal position and the Government of Afghanistan pays great importance to the project execution. The Government of Afghanistan will try the best and take all available measures to ensure the personnel safety and the security of the investment of the Chinese enterprises. Through this visit, he hoped to make further promotion on the project implementation, further strengthen the economic collaboration of both parties basing upon this project, and further deepen the friendship between China and Afghanistan by utilizing the perfect results of this project.
The other attendees at the meeting included: Mr. Nasir Ahmad Durrani, Vice Minster for Planning & Coordination of the Ministry of Mines & Petroleum; Mr. Sayed Zaman Hashemi, Director of Legal Affairs Bureau; Mr. Abdul Aziz Arib, Director of Aynak Project Bureau; Mr. Gholam Hazrat Amiry, Advisor of the Ministry of Mines & Petroleum; Mr. Abdul Mubeen Shahab, Director of Naitonal Resources Corridor Project Bureau; Mr. Babrak Sarwari, Director of Assessment Department; Mr. Muhammad Rafi Rafiq Sediqi, Spokesman of the Ministry of Mines & Petroleum; Mr. Vaughan William Smith, Advisor of Aynak Project Bureau; Mr. Ahmad Yama Aimaq, Director of Petroleum Contract Management Bureau; Mr. Ayaz Pazhohish, Third Secretary of Afghanistan’s Embassy in China; President Zhang Zhaoxiang of MCC; Vice President Wang Yongguang of MCC; Chief Legal Counsel Yang Jingzhou of MCC; Chairman Lu Zhifang of China ENFI Engineering Corp. (ENFI); Chairman Zou Jianhui and General Manager Zong Shaoxing of MCC Mining Group.

Guo Wenqing talks with Mr. Mohammad Akbar Barekzai, Minister of Mines & Petroleum of Afghanistan

Meeting of both parties

Guo Wenqing shakes hands with Mr. Mohammad Akbar Barekza

A photo taken for leaders of both parties


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