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Xu Xiangchun Meets Special Envoy of President of Kazakhstan
CopyFrom:MCC Date:14 November 2014
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On October 31st, Xu Xiangchun, the deputy general manager of MCC Group, met Sergey Tereshenko, special envoy of president and former premier of Kazakhstan, and his entourage in the headquarters of MCC. The two sides exchanged viewpoints on cooperation in the future in a cordial and friendly atmosphere and reached a consensus.
Xu Xiangchun expressed warm welcome to the visiting envoy of president of Kazakhstan and made a brief introduction on the overall strength and core business of MCC Group. He noted that MCC Group attached great importance to the markets of the five countries, including Kazakhstan, in central Asia and was willing to make a contribution to building of the economic belt of New Silk Road and to promoting development of economy of the five countries. 
Sergey Tereshenko highly regarded the strength of MCC Group and introduced the country profile of Kazakhstan and the key fields of investments. He said that Kazakhstan has broad prospects in the fields of resources development and construction, etc, believing that there was enormous potential for cooperation between the two sides. 
At the end of the meeting, the two sides said that they would arrange mutual visits as soon as possible to build up understanding of each other and establish a stable long-term partnership relying on specific projects.
Wu Qingyu, the general manager of MCC Overseas Ltd., and Xu Yongjie, the director of the Engineering Management Department of MCC Overseas Ltd. were present.


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