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Wang Yongguang Presents at 60th Anniversary Meeting of CFMCC Group
CopyFrom:MCC Date:14 November 2014
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China First Metallurgical Construction Group (CFMCC Group) convened its 60th Anniversary Meeting on November 1, 2014. At the meeting, the Top 10 Historical Events and the Top 10 Excellent Projects were launched, and the Top 10 Performance Employees were acclaimed. In addition, a festschrift named the First Force for Metallurgical Construction in China was released to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of CFMCC Group.
Vice President Wang Yongguang of MCC was present at the event. On behalf of Guo Wenqing, Chairman & President of MCC Group and Chairman & Party Secretary of MCC, Wang addressed the meeting. He spoke highly of the achievements made by CFMCC Group through hard work and reform conducted in the past six decades. Then he put forward three requirements for the future development of CFMCC Group:
The first, CFMCC Group shall set up a high target and speed up the pace for transformation development.
The second, CFMCC Group shall greatly promote the reform and innovation, and quickly enhance its competitive advantages for development.
The third, CFMCC Group shall intensify efforts on collaboration between the government and the enterprise, and thus obtain wider space for future development.
The meeting was presided over by General Manager Liu Yiming of CFMCC Group. Chairman Song Zhanjiang of CFMCC Group delivered an energetic and passionate speech. On behalf of the guests, Zhang Xiang, Standing Member of CPC Committee and Labor Union Chairman of Wuhan Iron & Steel Group, made remarks at the event, and expressed congratulation to the wonder achievement made by CFMCC Group during the past 60 years.
Over 200 heads and guests were present at the meeting, including those from Qingshan District of Wuhan City in Hubei Province, WISDRI Engineering & Research Incorporation Ltd. (WISDRI), Shanghai Baoye Construction Group (SBC-MCC Group), the 19th China Metallurgical Construction Group (19MCC Group) and Wuhan Surveying-Geotechnical Research Institute Co. of MCC Group (WSGRI), as well as all the previous leaders and the current heads of various subsidiaries and divisions of CFMCC Group.
Since its foundation in 1954, CFMCC Group undertook the glorious mission for construction of major metallurgical works of China, as well as promoting Chinese metallurgical industry to develop onto a new height. Generally speaking, CFMCC Group has completed a batch of key works with remarkable influence in over 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, as well as more than 20 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and America. The major projects include, for instance: (i) Wuhan Iron & Steel Company, China’s very first iron & steel industry base; (ii) Ma’anshan Wheel Tyre Factory, the first one in China; (iii) Hubei Guishan TV Tower, the first large-sized TV Tower with reinforced concrete structure; (iv) PQF Roller Production Line of Tianjin Seamless Steel Tube Plant, the first worldwide most-advanced steel tube roller line; and (v) Mohakhali flyover, the first flyover in Dhaka City of Bangladesh. Through hard work during the past 60 years, the people of CFMCC Group created quite a lot top-ranking works.



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