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Wang Yongguang Welcomes Official Delegation from PNG
CopyFrom:MCC Date:09 October 2014
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Vice President Wang Yongguang of MCC met with an official delegation from Papua New Guinea (PNG) at MCC Headquarters on September 29, 2014. The delegation members consisted of cadres of party and government of PNG. Both parties conducted frank and in-depth discussion and exchanged views on the ways to promote the development of MCC Ramu NiCo Project and expand the mutual collaboration in the future.
At the outset, Wang Yongguang extended warm welcome to the visiting officials, and expressed gratitude to PNG Government for its long-lasting support and assistance offered to MCC Group. Wang made a briefing on the general information and the four core business sectors of MCC Group, as well as the four basic principles for operation of overseas projects. The first, ensuring personal security is the requirement raised by Chinese Government and also one of the basic principles of MCC Group for overseas investment. The second, MCC Group shall create value for investors. As one of the central enterprises, as well as the listing companies in both Shanghai and Hong Kong, MCC Group shall take responsibility for both the major shareholders and all the other investors. The third, MCC Group shall recruit qualified employees, but with a target of localization. The stable operation is one of the pre-conditions for creating value. In this view, the enterprise must select qualified employees in accordance with the post requirements. In order to realize localization, efforts shall be intensified on training of the local employees so as to enhance their operating competence. The fourth, emphasis shall be laid upon communication with the local government and community, so as to effectively resolve the various difficulties and contradiction encountered during the project implementation and operation. On this basis, Wang Yongguang expected the Government and the people of PNG to take firm confidence on the operation of MCC Ramu Mine, continue to offer essential support and assistance to MCC Group, figure out the problems and deficiencies of MCC Group in management and operation on a timely basis, and put forward recommendation and proposals for improvement. He believed that, by means of joint efforts made by both parties, Ramu Project will be undertaken successfully and will continuously create wealth for the community and bring about benefit for the local people.
Mr. Hon. Anton Yagama, Member of Parliament for Usino-Bundi Open, Chairman of Finance Parliamentary Referral Committee, as well as the leader of the delegation, expressed gratitude to the hospitality extended by MCC Group, and conveyed the regards and best wishes from the Government and the people of PNG. He promised that PNG Government will spare no efforts in ensuring the security of Chinese employees. In addition, he expected both parties to redouble endeavors on communication and view-exchange, make a more intimate connection and in-depth cooperation, actively promote the execution of Ramu Project, and continuously expand the collaborative fields and space on this basis.
The other attendees at the meeting included: Mr. Hon. Robert Ganim, Member of Parliament for Wabag Open, Chairman of Parliamentary Referral Education Committee (PRC); Mr. Hon. Joseph Yopyyopy, Member of Parliament for Wosera-Gawi Open, Chairman of Justice Referral Parliamentary Committee and member of Public Works Permanent Parliamentary Committee; Ms. Barbra Toiya, General Secretary of T.H.E Party; Mr. Noel Leana, Senior Consultant for Secretary-General of PNG’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Mr. Ila Pala, Manager Disclosure at Integrity of Political Parties & Candidates Commission; Mr. Michael Kunjil, Officer of Commission Secretariat of National Parliament, and the Secretary-General of the visiting delegation; Mr. Don G Kapilyo, Assistant to Mr. Hon. Robert Ganim, Member of Parliament for Wabag Open, Chairman of Parliamentary Referral Education Committee (PRC); Mr. James Ghoon, Assistant to Chairman of  Health and Family Welfare Committee of National Parliament; Mr. Isaac Nicholas, Director of Political Reporting Dept. of Post-Courier Newspaper of PNG; Mr. Elison Waiut, Copywriting Officer of National Parliament; Mr. Karo Kila, Protocol Officer of National Parliament; Director Wang Yingchun, Third Secretary Yan Moufeng and Assistant Secretary & Interpreter Wang Liansi of Oceania Dept. of the 7th Bureau of Chinese Communist Party's international liaison department; General Manager Wang Jicheng of MCC Ramu NiCo Limited (MCC Ramu); and General Manager Zong Shaoxing of MCC Mining Group.



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