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Zhang Zhaoxiang Participates in Inauguration Ceremony of MCC (NE)
CopyFrom:MCC Date:28 October 2014
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The inauguration ceremony of MCC Northeastern Engineering & Technology Development Co., Ltd. (MCC (NE)) was convened at Hunnan Headquarters Base in Shenyang on October 22, 2014.
On behalf of MCC Group, Zhang Zhaoxiang announced the approval document for establishment of (MCC (NE) and the appointment document for the leadership team, and then extended the sincere congratulations for the establishment of the company at the ceremony.
According to Zhang, the establishment of MCC (NE) is one of the major steps taken by MCC Group adhering to the spirit of the Seminar on Revitalizing Campaign by Central Enterprises for Liaoning, which is sponsored by the State Council, and is of a milestone significance for the development process of MCC Group.
Zhang added that, the predecessor of MCC (NE) has completed quite a few quality projects in the northeast of China, achieved remarkable marketing results and made active contribution to the social and economic growth of the local area.
With regard to the follow-up development of MCC (NE), Zhang Zhaoxiang put forward three requirements:
The first, MCC (NE) shall work out a definite strategic positioning, and further enhance the sense of mission on market exploration in this region. MCC (NE) shall be managed as a regional company and a platform company. Sticking to the principle of marketing for business growth, it shall lay emphasis on high-level, brand new, comprehensive and large-sized projects. In addition, the company shall make innovation on operating method, redouble endeavors on organization management, human resources, risk control, corporate culture and informatization, and achieve engineering performance on a higher level and promote the company to develop towards high-end industry.
The second, MCC (NE) shall seize the favorable opportunities derived from the national new-round revitalizing strategy for the Northeast of China, and realize the common economic growth with the local region on a mutual benefit basis. MCC (NE) shall make further consolidation on the strategic partnership with the local government; take part in the economic and social development of the local region in a more active and initiative manner; make dynamic integration on the advantages of the central enterprises and local government; promote the all-around, wide-range, in-depth and high-level strategic collaboration in the fields of urban infrastructure construction, urban complex development and rail transit; create a good situation for common prosperity on a mutual benefit basis; and provide more developing opportunities for urban infrastructure construction, shantytowns transformation, garbage power, sewage treatment and equipment manufacturing.
The third, MCC (NE) shall carry forward the excellent tradition of MCC Group. All the cadres and employees of MCC (NE) shall act in compliance with the efficiency-oriented principle, stick to the strategic deployment and requirements of MCC Group with a common purpose and firm belief, firmly establish the common responsibility awareness and overall consciousness, seize the opportunity for business growth, concentrate efforts on development, create new advantages, lay a more consolidated foundation for realizing the developing vision of “Focusing upon core businesses in building a better MCC”.
The other attendees present at the inauguration ceremony included: officials of Shenyang Municipal Government and Hunnan District Government; representatives of MCC (NE)’s strategic partners; and all the cadres and employees of MCC (NE).


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