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Xu Xiangchun Witnesses Signing Ceremony of MCC Huaye and Korean Partner
CopyFrom:MCC Date:28 September 2014
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A signing ceremony was convened for the Cooperative Intent between MCC Huaye Group and Koam International of South Korea at MCC Tower in Beijing on September 19, 2014. The leaders present at the event included: President Dong-Ok Kim and Chief Executive Officer Kwok of Koam International; Chairman Yu Xianji of Dongfang Meijian (Beijing) Architectural Engineering Co., Ltd.; Vice President Xu Xiangchun of MCC Group; Chairman Liu Yujun and General Manager Zhou Zhijun of MCC Huaye Group; and Director Xu Yongjie for Overseas Engineering Management of MCC Group. Liu Yujun and Dong-Ok Kim signed the Cooperative Intent, and both parties entered into agreement on cooperation of Compatriots Community of USA for Korean people in Inchon.
Prior to the ceremony, Xu Xiangchun met with President Dong-Ok Kim of Koam International and his delegation members. Xu made a briefing on the core businesses and development situation of MCC and MCC Huaye Group. According to Xu, MCC has accumulated rich experiences in overseas projects in over 40 countries. As one of the wholly-owned subsidiaries of MCC, MCC Huaye Group has rich experiences in high-rise buildings. It should be particularly noted that, the Westin Hotel (with a height of 245.8m) contracted by MCC Huaye Group in Chongqing has fully displayed its construction competence in this field.
President Dong-Ok Kim made a brief introduction to the Korean Compatriots Community of USA, and expressed gratitude to the hospitality extended by MCC Huaye Group. With regard to the problems and difficulties encountered by Huaye in South Korea, President Kim mentioned that, both parties would work together to resolve these issues and was confident that Koam International and MCC Huaye Group would establish perfect partnership.
The Compatriots Community of USA, which is developed by Koam International, is located in Inchon, which is targeted at the overseas Korean people in USA. This project consists of five super-high buildings, including three residential buildings and two commercial apartment buildings. MCC Huaye Group has won the contract for two commercial apartment buildings, with a height of 181.8m and a total floorage area of 290,000 square meters. There are 4 storeys under the ground (5 storeys in partial area) and 49 storeys above the ground (50 storeys in partial area).

Xu Xiangchun talks with President Dong-Ok Kim of Koam International

Both parties sign the Cooperative Intent


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