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Guo Wenqing Meets with Director of Liaison Office of Central Government in Macao SAR
CopyFrom:MCC Date:17 November 2014
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Guo Wenqing, Chairman & President of MCC Group and Chairman & Party Secretary of MCC, met in Zhuhai with Director Li Gang of Liaison Office of Central Government in Macao SAR on November 12, 2014. In a cordial and friendly atmosphere, both parties held discussion and exchanged views on the methods for further strengthening collaboration.
Guo expressed gratitude to the long-term essential support extended by the Liaison Office of Central Government in Macao SAR for MCC Group and the construction works in Hengqin Island, and then made a briefing on the history and the development situation of MCC Group. According to Guo, MCC Group has established itself into the worldwide largest contractor for metallurgical engineering and the service provider for upgrading and transformation of metallurgical engineering technologies, undertaking the planning, surveying, design and engineering construction work for almost 90% of the large/medium-sized domestic steel works. In addition, MCC Group is one of 16 central enterprises engaged in real estate development, which are approved by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of the State Council. Real estate development and infrastructure construction have developed into one of the core businesses of MCC Group.
Guo mentioned that, MCC Group has played a key role in various period of the development of China, especially in the front area after the reform and opening-up policies were adopted. MCC Group has hit a famous record of Shenzhen Speed, and completed the first expressway, the first flyover and the first high-rise building in Shenzhen. In the new historical period when the national is deepening reform, MCC Group completed the overall development of Hengqin Island in Zhuhai City of Guangdong Province, which is adjacent to Macao. It has not only made contribution to the further reform and opening-up of the state, but also laid a firm foundation for MCC Group to take root in Zhuhai and intensify efforts in market exploration in Macao.
Li Gang made a briefing on the current situation and the future development prospect of Macao, as well as the policy support extended by the Central Government to Macao. He added that, thanks to the great support from the Central Government, Macao enjoys a huge development potential and a promising future. In addition, Li Gang encouraged MCC Group to make fully play of its own advantages and seek for opportunities to explore the market in Macao. Li promised that the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Macao SAR will spare no efforts to provide assistance and support for this purpose.
During the stay in Zhuhai, Guo Wenqing visited governmental officials of various levels, for instance: Li Jia, Standing Member of CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee & Secretary of CPC Zhuhai Municipal Committee; He Ningka, Mayor of Zhuhai Municipal Government; Secretary Liu Jia and Director-General Niu Jing of Zhuhai New District; and Secretary Liang Yuandong of Doumen District. Both parties conducted in-depth view-exchange and entered into agreement on issues of mutual interests.

Guo Wenqing holds discussion with Li Gang

Guo Wenqing talks with Li Gang

Guo Wenqing holds meeting with Li Gang, Li Jia and Liu Jia

Guo Wenqing chats with He Ningka

Guo Wenqing talks with Wu Lisheng

Guo Wenqing inspects the Headquarters Building Project

Guo Wenqing inspects the Headquarters Building Project

Guo Wenqing visits the newly-built Music Hall in Shizimen Commercial District



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