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Guo Wenqing Meets with Mayor of Hengshui City
CopyFrom:MCC Date:16 December 2013
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President Guo Wenqing of MCC Group met with the visiting delegation headed by Mayor Yang Hui of Hengshui City in Hebei Province at MCC Tower on December 12, 2013. In a cordial and friendly atmosphere, both parties conducted in-depth communication on strengthening collaboration.
Guo Wenqing extended warm welcome to Mayor Yang Hui and his delegation members.
President Guo made a briefing on the history of MCC Group and the development of its various business sectors. He stated that, MCC Group was greatly affected by the worldwide sluggish steel market and the excess capacity for steel production in China in recent years. To cope with this situation, MCC Group has intensified efforts on reform, speeded up the pace for transformation development, and thus substantially enhanced its construction capability in the fields of road transportation, urban infrastructure, real estate and urban complex. As a matter of fact, large-span steel structure, large-sized stadium, high-rise building have turned out to be the professional strength of MCC Group. Up to now, MCC Group has completed quite a few landmark projects, for instance, Wanbo Plaza (228m in height, which is located in Baoding City and is the tallest building in Hebei Province) and Hengqin Headquarters Tower (480m in height, which is located in Hengqin Island of Zhuhai City in Guangdong Province).
According to Guo, as a newly emerging city, Hengshui enjoys perfect regional advantages, huge development potentials and remarkable advantage of backwardness. Therefore both parties shall strengthen communication, conduct in-depth discussion, search for suitable methods, figure out appropriate breakthrough point, and undertake cooperation on both short-term and long-term projects. MCC Group will actively participate in the overall development of urban infrastructure, road transportation, real estate, sewage treatment and waste-to-energy power plant in Hengshui City.
Yang Hui expressed gratitude to the hospitality extended by Guo Wenqing and the other leaders of MCC Group. Hengshui is the youngest prefecture-level city in Hebei Province, and is surrounded by quite a few cities such as Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Tianjin and Jinan. Along with the construction and completion of railways and expressways, Hengshui is enjoy increasing advantages in terms of location. The city has been integrated with the capital economic circle, and is listed as one of the Comprehensive Reform Experiment Zones of Hebei Province. In recent years, the city witnessed fast growth in terms of fixed-asset investment, industrial added value and fiscal revenue. Within the jurisdiction of the city, there is Hengshui Lake, which is the largest single one in Hebei Province. Up to now, International Marathon Competition has been held twice in Hengshui. The city has attracted keen attention from domestic and foreign enterprises on account of its outstanding location advantages and the perfect natural ecological environment. A domestic renowned property enterprise has invested in real estate development in Hengshui. Yang added that, the people of Hengshui could rest assured for awarding project contracts to MCC Group because of its high-level competence for design and construction works. Yang expected MCC Group to actively take part into the development of urban infrastructure, sewage treatment, urban village renovation and transportation facilities such as road and bridge in Hengshui City.
Relevant heads were present at the meeting.

Guo Wenqing talks with Mayor Yang Hui of Hengshui City

Discussion between both parties

Guo Wenqing meets with Mayor Yang Hui

Leaders of both parties present at the meeting


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