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Guo Wenqing Welcomes Hebei Officials
CopyFrom:MCC Date:31 December 2013
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President Guo Wenqing of MCC Group met with Jiang Deguo, Vice Governor of Hebei Province & Secretary of CPC Tangshan Municipal Committee, at MCC Tower on December 28, 2013. Both parties conducted in-depth cordial communication on urban rail transit facilities construction, environment protection and the relevant debts issues, and entered into agreement on the further strengthening of mutual collaboration.
Guo Wenqing extended warm welcome to Secretary Jiang. According to Guo, MCC Group and its subsidiaries have established close connection and developed effective partnership with Tangshan City. At present, the historical burden of MCC Group has been basically resolved, the operational indicators and the benefits have been greatly enhanced. The projects under construction, such as Hengqin Project in Zhuhai City, are witnessing sound development momentum. MCC Group enjoys a promising development prospect, and will further intensify efforts in business exploration in Tangshan. Guo Wenqing expected CPC Tangshan Municipal Committee and Tangshan Municipal Government to offer support and assistance as always to MCC Group in the construction works in Tangshan. He also wished both parties to make full play of respective advantages, deepen cooperation in urban infrastructure development, and jointly promote the social and economic growth in Tangshan.
Jiang Deguo gave full recognition to the support extended by MCC Group to the development of Tangshan City in the past time, and expressed the wishes for strengthening mutual cooperation. He gave keen attention to the receivable debts of MCC Communication Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (MCET), Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited (CERI) and MCC Real Estate Group (MCC RE Group) in Tangshan, and extended great concern and support towards this matter. According to Jiang, in line with the national policies and the economic situation of the whole country, Tangshan City will witness a new round of developing opportunities, therefore both parties will enjoy a broad development prospect in the fields of urban rail transit facilities construction and environment protection. Jiang placed a high premium on the contribution made by MCC Group to Tangshan, and promised to continue to support the development of MCC Group in Tangshan.
The other attendees at the meeting included: Vice President Zhang Zhaoxiang of MCC; Chairman Zhao Zhishun of MCET; Chairman Shi She of CERI; Chairman Li Yulong of the 22nd China Metallurgical Construction Group (22MCC Group); and Chairman Zou Honglu of MCC Hi-Tech Engineering Co., Ltd. (MCC Hi-Tech).

Guo Wenqing chats with Jiang Deguo

Guo Wenqing takes a picture  with Jiang Deguo

Leaders present at the meeting



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