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Guo Wenqing Meets with President of China Construction Bank
CopyFrom:MCC Date:23 December 2013
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President Guo Wenqing of MCC Group paid a visit to the headquarter of China Construction Bank (CCB) and met with President Zhang Jianguo and the other leaders of CCB. Both parties conducted communication on the recent development situation, made summary on the achievements realized in the past and the work to be focused upon in the next stage, as well as exchanged views on the strengthening of further collaboration and issues of mutual interest. Basing upon the smooth cooperation in the past time, both parties agreed to make further innovation on the cooperative method and promote the mutual collaboration onto a new stage in the future.
Guo Wenqing extended gratitude to CCB on its long-lasting support offered to MCC Group. He spoke highly of the long cooperative history, the firm cooperative foundation and the profound emotional foundation.
Guo made a briefing on the development history and the business growth of MCC Group in recent years. As the worldwide largest contractor for metallurgical engineering construction and the largest service provider for metallurgical enterprises, MCC Group has achieved great success in non-metallurgical engineering construction and real estate business during its transformation process in the past a few years. According to Guo, the primary target of MCC Group is “One step for one year, and one giant stride in three years”, and the Group will get down to work with an aim to enhance the development quality. Thanks to the joint efforts made by all the cadres and employees of MCC Group, the historical burden has been basically resolved, the Group is witnessing a sound development momentum, and various operational indicators have been greatly improved.
President Guo expected CCB to back up, as always, the development of MCC Group, intensify efforts on mutual communication, actively expand the cooperative fields on an in-depth basis, and endeavor to realize win-win prosperity.
Zhang Jianguo extended warm welcome to Guo Wenqing and his visiting delegation members. He pointed out that, MCC Group and CCB had been strategic partners for many years and enjoyed perfect cooperation and emotional foundation.
President Zhang made a brief introduction to the recent development progress of CCB. According to Zhang, CCB holds a leading position among the banks in terms of management on risk controlling at present, the fund balance has been increasing steadily and the cash flow-back level is turning to be better. In future, CCB will make further optimization on the financial structure, redouble efforts on prevention and control of financial risks, and establish strategic partnership with more market players. In addition, CCB is actively expanding the overseas financing platform and will offer substantial support for central enterprises on overseas business.
Zhang Jianguo gave full recognition to the operational achievements made by MCC Group. He was very pleased to notice that, MCC Group had been maintaining strong advantages in operation of core business and had achieve positive results in resolving of the problems left over by history. Zhang spoke highly of MCC Group’s progressing in this regard because it was really a tough task. As MCC Group offered great support to CCB in the past time, Zhang promised that CCB would spare no efforts to root for the project execution by MCC Group, improve the overall coordination within CCB and provide convenience for the project development.
The relevant staff were present at the meeting.

Guo Wenqing meets with President Zhang Jianguo of CCB

Both parties hold a meeting on communication

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