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Wang Yongguang Welcomes Canadian Officials
CopyFrom:MCC Date:21 January 2014
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Vice President Wang Yongguang of MCC met with a visiting delegation form Canada at MCC Tower on January 15, 2014. The delegation was headed by Industry, Tourism & Investment Minister David Ramsay of NT Northwest Territories of Canada. Both parties conducted in-depth discussion and communication on the mutual collaboration between MCC Group and NT Northwest Territories.
Wang Yongguang extended warm welcome to Mr. David Ramsay and his delegation members, and made a briefing on the corporate profile of MCC Group. According to Wang, as one of the main forces for the development of steel industry of China, MCC Group has undertaken quite a few construction projects for large-sized steel works. In addition, MCC Group has established design institutes for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and can provide the whole-process services to the international mining industry.
Mr. David Ramsay gave a brief introduction to the basic information on NT Northwest Territories of Canada. NT covers an area of 1.3 million square kilometers, with a population of 143,000, and is endowed with rich resources such as petroleum, natural gas, diamond and rare earth. The Minister mentioned that, through this visit and the meeting with MCC leaders, he expected to make a promotion of the tourism and mining resources of NT, and establish effective partnership between both parties.
According to Wang Yongguang, Canada is a country with rich resources, sharing strong complementarities to the economic growth of China. Through the introduction by the Minister, we have got a deeper understanding on NT and this will remarkably enhance the mutual cooperation opportunities.
The other attendees at the meeting included: Ryan Strain, Executive Assistant to the Industry, Tourism & Investment Minister; Kelley Kaylo, Vice Executive Assistant to the Industry, Tourism & Investment Minister; Alexandrea Malakoe, Commercial & Trading Chief; Robert Hawkins, Member of Congress in NT; Liu Wen, member of Atlantic Chamber of Commerce in Canada; Ji Mingheng, Vice General Manager of MCC International Group; and Ding Yuejin, Vice Chief Economist of MCC Mining Group. 


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