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Guo Wenqing Welcomes Chairman & President of Greenland Holding Group
CopyFrom: Date:14 January 2014
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Guo Wenqing met with a delegation headed by Chairman & President Zhang Yuliang of Greenland Holding Group and General Manager Cheng Yan of BOCI Asia Limited at the Headquarter of MCC Group in Beijing on January 11, 2014. Both parties conducted in-depth communication and entered into agreement on the mutual collaboration and development between MCC Group and Greenland Holding Group.
At the outset, Guo Wenqing extended warm welcome to the visiting guests and made a briefing on the profile of MCC Group. MCC Group, whose predecessor is China Metallurgical Construction Corporation, is a large state-owned enterprise under the supervision of the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry. Now MCC Group is mainly engaged in four core businesses: (i) EPC in metallurgical engineering: MCC Group has established itself into the worldwide largest contractor for metallurgical engineering and the service provider for upgrading and transformation of metallurgical engineering technologies, undertaking the planning, surveying, design and engineering construction work for almost 90% of the large/medium-sized domestic steel works; (ii) Manufacturing of metallurgical equipment: MCC Group is one the largest domestic manufacturers for technical equipment, as well as China’s largest producer for steel structure, with an annual output capability of 3 million tons; (iii) Development of mineral resources: MCC Group is one of the key resource enterprises determined by the State Government, having the biggest claims in the overseas reserve amount of ferrous metal and possessing several mines such as Aynak Copper Mine in Afghanistan, the Nickel Mine in Papua New Guinea (PNG), Saindak Copper-Gold Mine and Duddar Lead-Zinc Mine in Pakistan, the Iron Mine in Argentina and Cape Lambert Iron Mine in Australia; and (iv) Real estate development: MCC Group is good at construction of large-sized stadium and high-end steel-structure buildings, which is a key area for the business transformation of MCC Group. Guo Wenqing expected that both parties could further strengthen cooperation, complement each other's advantages and strive for common development.
According to Zhang Yuliang, Greenland Holding Group is a state-controlled super-large mixed-ownership conglomerate in Shanghai. Since its establishment two decades ago, Greenland has been laying emphasis on both industrial operation and capital management, thus has completed an industrial layout on real estate, energy and finance. He emphasized that, MCC Group and Greenland enjoyed huge cooperative space and promising prospect on infrastructure construction and land development. He wished that both parties could make further endeavor in mutual cooperation and achieve prosperity on a win-win basis.
Cheng Yan place a high premium on the business growth and the development prospect of both MCC Group and Greenland Holding Group. He gave a brief introduction to BOCI Asia Limited, and expected that, MCC Group and Greenland could seek for project and business collaboration basing upon better understanding. Cheng promised that BOCI Asia Limited would offer all-around financial services for the project execution and business development of the both parties.
The other attendees at the meeting included: President Zhang Zhaoxiang of MCC; Chairman Zhang Mengxing of China 20MCC Construction Group (20MCC Group); Chairman Liu Fuming of MCC Real Estate Group (MCC RE Group); Chairman Zou Honglu of MCC Hi-Tech Engineering Co., Ltd. (MCC Hi-Tech); Director Yan Aizhong of General Office of MCC Group; Shi Wenhong, Vice President of Greenland & General Manager for Real Estate Business Department in Beijing and Tianjing; and Wang Xiaodong, BOD Secretary & Executive Deputy Director of Greenland’s Office.

Guo Wenqing talks with Zhang Yuliang

Meeting of both parties

Guo Wenqing has a picture taken with Zhang Yuliang

All leaders present at the meeting


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