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Guo Wenqing Welcomes Leaders of Sinosteel Corporation
CopyFrom:MCC Date:26 March 2014
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President Guo Wenqing of MCC Group met with the visiting delegation of Sinosteel Corporation at the headquarter of MCC Group on March 21, 2014. The delegation was led by President Jia Baojun and Party Secretary Xu Siwei of Sinosteel. Both parties conducted friendly discussion on further strengthening collaboration in the future.
At the outset, Guo extended warm welcome to the delegation of Sinosteel, and spoke highly of the deep affection between the two groups and among the management and the staff of both parties.
Guo Wenqing made a briefing on the history and the development of various business sectors of MCC Group. According to Guo, the several historical burden problems which derive from the pell-mell development of steel industry have been basically resolved. MCC Group has been maintaining the healthy growth of its core businesses, in the meanwhile, it has intensified efforts on reform, innovation and transformation. As a result, MCC Group has not only made remarkable achievements, but also stepped onto a new track for healthy and stable development. Guo expected both parties to continue to lay emphasis on mutual communication and exchange between both parties, actively seek for cooperative fields and methods, with an aim to promote common prosperity of both parties.
Jia Baojun expressed gratitude to the hospitality of Chairman Guo Wenqing. He gave full recognition to the MCC Group witnessed sound development in recent years. Jia especially mentioned that, the several countermeasures taken by MCC Group in last year proved to be successful and attracted keen attention from the leaders of SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission) and some of the central enterprises. Some of the experiences of MCC Group are of great reference value to Sinosteel.
Jia Baojun gave a brief introduction to the history and the development of various business sectors, especially the overseas mining reserves of Sinosteel. According to Jia, Sinosteel and MCC shares some parts of the same businesses, which is featured by outstanding similarity and complementarity, and a wide range of cooperation areas. He believed that, by means of joint efforts, the cooperation between the both parties would witness active progressing and the fruitful achievements.
Vice General Manager of Sinosteel, and the concerned staff of the relevant subsidiaries of MCC Group, were present at the meeting.

Guo Wenqing talks with President Jia Baojun of Sinosteel

The meeting between both parties


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