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Huang Dan Meets with Leaders of Naval Engineering Design Research Bureau
CopyFrom:MCC Date:26 March 2014
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Vice President Huang Dan of MCC met with the Vice Director Wang Jianping of Naval Engineering Design Research Bureau at headquarters of MCC Group on March 21, 2014. Both parties conducted friendly discussion and entered into agreement on strengthening of communication and cooperation.
Huang Dan extended welcome and gratitude to Wang Jianping and his delegation members, and made a briefing on the core business sectors and the overall development situation of MCC Group. She expected both parties to carry out communication and collaboration in the fields of market exploration, technical and product support, subcontracting of design work, talent exchange and training. On this ground, both parties could jointly strive for common development. Wang Jianping gave a brief introduction to the basic information of Naval Engineering Design Research Bureau, and expressed the wishes to work close with MCC Group and create a promising future for both parties.
Vice Engineer Ren Haiping of Naval Engineering Design Research Bureau and the relevant staff of MCC’s subsidiaries were present at the meeting.




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