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Zhang Zhaoxiang Visits Shenyang for Contract Signing and Meeting with Local Leaders
CopyFrom:MCC Date:26 March 2014
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The Cooperative Agreement on Shenyang Lichuangcheng Complex Project was signed by the Northeast Branch of MCC (Shenyang Company of MCC Communication Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (MCET)) and Liaoning Lida Fortune Property Co., Ltd. on March 19, 2014. Leaders present at the ceremony included: Zhang Zhaoxiang, President of MCC; Huang Dan, Vice President of MCC; and Zhao Zhishun, Assistant President of MCC Group & Chairman of MCET. General Manager Hu Zhongxing of the Northeast Branch of MCC (Shenyang Company of MCET) and Chairperson Liu Fang of Lida Fortune Property signed the agreement respectively on behalf of both parties.
At the signing ceremony, Zhang Zhaoxiang made a briefing on the development and competitive edge of MCC Group. He pointed out that, the signing of the agreement on Lichuangcheng Complex Project marked a brand new chapter for mutual cooperation between both parties. He expected both parties to deepen understanding and collaboration. According to Liu Fang, MCC Group is one of the worldwide renowned Top 500 giants, while Lida Fortune Property is a real estate service provider with high reputation in the northeast of China and possesses rich project resources. She believed that through such an alliance between giants, both parties could further explore the cooperative space and realize common prosperity in the northeast of China.
The facility to be constructed under this project is a large-sized service complex, which is designed with integrated functions such as five-star hotel, recreational centre and high-grade office building, with a total floorage area of 280,000 square meters and a total investment of about RMB 2 billion yuan. The signing of the agreement is deemed to be the staged achievements made by the Northeast Branch of MCC (Shenyang Company of MCET) in line with its marketing concept of “Large Market, Employer & Project”, and is anticipated to bring about positive influence on the regional strategic layout of MCC Group.
Afterwards Zhang Zhaoxiang and his delegation members respectively visited Vice Mayor Yang Yazhou and Vice Mayor Tong Jingshi of Shenyang Municipal Government.
At the meeting with Vice Mayor Yang Yazhou, Zhang Zhaoxiang expressed gratitude to the governments of Shenyang City and Hunnan New District for the concern and support extended to MCC Group, and expected to expand the cooperative fields. Yang Yazhou spoke highly of the outstanding contribution made by MCC Group, as a central enterprise with essential influence and strength, to the construction and economic development of Shenyang City and especially Hunnan New District. Yang promised that, CPC Shenyang Municipal Committee and Shenyang Municipal Government would continue to support the development of MCC Group in the local area, and expected to see the future cooperation in a deeper and wider manner.
At the meeting with Vice Mayor Tong Jingshi, Zhang Zhaoxiang conducted discussion and communication on the specific issues in relation to the development of MCC Group in Shenyang. Tong Jingshi mentioned that, the government welcomes MCC Group to make investment for construction work in Shenyang, and expected that both parties could deepen cooperation in the fields of rail transit, infrastructure construction, generating electricity through refuse incineration and sewage treatment.
The relevant officials and staff were present at the meeting.
During the stay in Shenyang, Zhang Zhaoxiang and his delegation members conducted inspection visit to several jobsite of the Northeast Branch of MCC (Shenyang Company of MCET), for instance, New Railway Station in the south of Shenyang, Road Network Project in Hunnan New City and No. 1 Light Rail Project. In addition, they also listened to the report on the marketing situation of the Northeast Branch of MCC (Shenyang Company of MCET).

Signing ceremony on cooperative agreement between the Northeast Branch of MCC (Shenyang Company of MCET) and Liaoning Lida Fortune Property Co., Ltd.

Zhang Zhaoxiang talks with Tong Jingshi


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