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Lin Jinzhen Visits Senior Party Members of 3MCC Group
CopyFrom:MCC Date:26 January 2014
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Since the Spring Festival of 2014 is coming, the working and living conditions of the senior party members and the party members encountered with difficulties have attracted keen attention from the leaders of CPC Committee and MCC Group. Lin Jinzhen, Organization Director of MCC Group’s CPC Committee, visited Liu Xin and Liu Qinghua respectively on January 23, 2014. Liu Xin, a retired senior party member and the former manager of the 3rd China Metallurgical Construction Group (3MCC Group), suffered from diseases for a long period. Liu Qinghua, a party member of 3MCC Group who has spent all his belongs to rescue his wife with fatal illness. Lin conveyed festival greetings and presented consolation money to them on behalf of the CPC Committee.
At Liu Xin’s home, Lin Jinzhen learned about the physical and living conditions of Liu, extended gratitude for his great contribution made to the development of 3MCC Group, and conveyed the best wishes from the CPC Committee of MCC Group. Lin wished Liu to take care of himself and live a happy life. At Liu Qinghua’s home, Lin spoke highly of Liu for his loyalty and engagement to the enterprise, as well as his responsibility and love extended to his wife. Lin encouraged Liu to solidify confidence to overcome difficulties, trust the party organization and the enterprise, and prepare for the upcoming year and the new life.
During the visit, Lin Jinzhen requested the staff of 3MCC Group to continue on taking care of the senior party members and the party members encountered with difficulties such as Liu Xin and Liu Qinghua, and thus establish 3MCC Group into a highland attractive to young generation, a development platform for middle-aged staff and a resting harbor for senior people. The family members of Liu Xin and Liu Qinghua extended sincere gratitude to the assistance offered by the CPC Committee of MCC Group.
Zhao Guangli, Party Secretary & Chairman, and Quan Lihui, Vice Party Secretary & Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission of 3MCC Group accompanied Lin during the visit. 



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