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Xu Xiangchun Welcomes CEO of Ausenco from Australia
CopyFrom:MCC Date:08 April 2014
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Xu Xiangchun, Vice President of MCC Group, met with a visiting delegation led by Mr. Zimi Meka, CEO of Ausenco from Australia, at the headquarters of MCC Group on April 1, 2014. Both parties conducted cordial and friendly communication on cooperative issues in the fields of mine construction, development of mine resources, construction of infrastructure and energy development.
At the outset, Xu Xiangchun extended warm welcome to Mr. Zimi Meka and his delegation members for their visit to MCC Group for the first time. He made a briefing on the development situation of MCC Group and the four core business sectors, and expressed the willing to carry out wide collaboration between MCC Group and Ausenco on overseas business. Mr. Zimi Meka extended gratitude to Xu Xiangchun for arrangement of the meeting. He gave a brief introduction to the strength of Ausenco in the fields of energy, mining and infrastructure construction, especially in the long-distance ore pulp transportation pipeline engineering. At the same time, Mr. Zimi Meka gave full recognition to the cooperation between Ausenco and MCC Group on the copper mine project in Mexico. He expected both parties to undertake in-depth collaboration in more fields and strive for common development on a win-win basis.
The other attendees at the meeting included: Director Alan Reid of Ausenco; Senior Vice President Che Yueguang and Project Assistant Song Yijun of Ausenco Pipeline System Engineering Company; and Vice General Manager Huang Xianghua of China ENFI Engineering Corp. (ENFI).


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